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Student Programs are successful when you (the membership) take advantage of our opportunities, including funding and training, and are done at your request with resources/training brought to your campus.

The Five Goals of Student Programs are to:

  1. Prepare student-athletes & coaches as mentors, role models, and leaders.
  2. Offer prevention training in alcohol, tobacco, and drug resistance, academic failure, and teen pregnancy to students and adults.
  3. Support the improvement of student-athlete performance in academic achievement, school attendance, graduation rates, and peer relationships.
  4. Teach positive values, respect, teamwork, and sportsmanship to student-athletes and adults associated with athletic programs.
  5. Expand the overall program by serving numbers of student-athletes and adults with effective training programs.

We encourage you to take advantage of our offerings and programs. Student Programs of the NCHSAA are here to serve you while making a positive difference in our participants' lives. Remember, our success is based on your taking advantage of these opportunities. To get involved, learn about the various programs, then contact:


For SAAC, SLC and Sportsmanship initiatives, please contact: Evan Sauer, Director of Development, Marketing & Student Programs | | 919-240-7370