North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Ronald Vincent was Inducted into the 41st NFHS Hall of Fame at the 105th Annual Meeting

Boston, MA – Ronald Vincent, the legendary baseball coach at J.H. Rose High School in Greenville, North Carolina, has been inducted into the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Hall of Fame. This honor was bestowed upon him during the 41st NFHS Hall of Fame ceremony on July 1, 2024, in Boston, Massachusetts, as part of the 105th NFHS Summer Meeting.

Coach Vincent, affectionately known as “RV,” is the winningest high school baseball coach in North Carolina’s history, boasting an impressive career record of over 1,000 wins. His tenure at J.H. Rose has spanned more than four decades, during which he has guided the team to seven state championships. Under his leadership, J.H. Rose has become a powerhouse in high school baseball, earning Vincent widespread respect and admiration.

Throughout his illustrious career, Vincent has not only focused on winning games. Still, he has also been deeply committed to the personal development of his players, emphasizing hard work, discipline, and sportsmanship. His influence extends beyond the field as he has mentored countless young athletes, many of whom have succeeded in college baseball and beyond.

Vincent’s induction into the NFHS Hall of Fame is a testament to his exceptional contributions to high school sports and his unwavering dedication to fostering excellence on and off the field. His legacy at J.H. Rose High School and within the broader community will undoubtedly inspire future generations of athletes and coaches.

Coach Ronald Vincent joins seven other North Carolina NFHS Hall of Fame Members: Russell Blunt (1995), Bob Jamieson (1998), Charlie Adams (2001), Tim Stevens (2007), Jerry McGee (2008), Willie Bradshaw (2010) and Jerry Winterton (2017).

Congratulations to Coach Ronald “RV” Vincent on being inducted into the 41st NFHS Hall of Fame!!