2017 Individual Wrestling 2A Consolation First Round Results

2017 NCHSAA Individual Wrestling State Championship

Greensboro Coliseum - Greensboro, N.C.

2A Consolation First Round Results (Agate)

2A 106 – Consolation First Round

Lance Brown (Reidsville, 18-14) won by fall over Erich Beikirch (Croatan, 28-23) (Fall 3:29)Timothy Hepler (Thomasville, 32-12) won by decision over Loki Ryan (R-S Central, 30-20) (Dec 11-5)Carlos Barajas (North Pitt, 29-13) won by decision over Glenn Daniels (South Granville, 19-12) (Dec 3-2)Casey Hutchins (Surry Central, 21-7) won by fall over Zack Morrow (Madison, 33-8) (Fall 2:28)

2A 113 - Consolation First Round

Marc Anderson (Lexington, 39-13) won by decision over Lee Stafford (Trinity, 43-18) (Dec 6-5)Luis Dela Riva (West Caldwell, 48-8) won by decision over Marcus Sneed (Washington, 39-12) (Dec 3-1)Lawran Carson (Shelby, 32-16) won by decision over Osama Hanif (Randleman, 22-10) (Dec 8-3)Jordan Mode (Chase, 39-8) won by major decision over Curtis Thompson (North Lenoir, 19-11) (MD 16-6)

2A 120 – Consolation First Round

Reid Walker (North Surry, 29-9) won by decision over Elias Tymas (Durham School of the Arts, 20-8) (Dec 2-1)Pete Santa-Maria (South Lenoir, 31-7) won by forfeit over Sam Kagarise (Bunn, 30-12) (For.)Victor Moore (West Stokes, 20-8) won by injury default over Tyler Thomas (Maiden, 23-16) (Inj. 3:10)Brian Castillo (Central Academy, 39-9) won by fall over Ethan Dixon (Roanoke Rapids, 14-12) (Fall 2:43)

2A 126 – Consolation First Round

Timmy Boyd (Salisbury, 30-12) won by decision over Dustin Clift (Farmville Central, 44-14) (Dec 6-0)Austin Scott (Newton-Conover, 46-15) won by fall over Alston Chambers (Wheatmore, 20-12) (Fall 4:17)Naiyiem Kelly (Northside-Jacksonville, 15-6) won by decision over Jakel Lawrence (Bunn, 19-9) (Dec 10-7)Quinn Walker (North Surry, 31-9) won by forfeit over Hunter Thompson (Chase, 21-9) (For.)

2A 132 – Consolation First Round

Tanner Gilmore (Mt. Pleasant, 30-14) won by tech fall over Christian Doisey (Roanoke Rapids, 16-7) (TF-1.5 3:14 (15-0))Tony Locke (Northside-Jacksonville, 29-7) won by major decision over Lukas Ferguson (R-S Central, 23-21) (MD 11-0)Christopher Massey (Parkwood, 36-12) won by fall over Jesse Tymas (Durham School of the Arts, 17-15) (Fall 2:31)Obed Alvarez (North Wilkes, 32-16) won by fall over Jonathan Ward (Northeastern, 36-13) (Fall 2:19)

2A 138 – Consolation First Round

Nick Encarnacion (West Davidson, 35-8) won by decision over Cain Steiner (Randleman, 14-7) (Dec 9-5)Jonathon Collins (Stuart Cramer, 44-7) won by tech fall over Ty Combs (South Lenoir, 36-13) (TF-1.5 5:00 (17-2))Austin Coward (Washington, 37-7) won in sudden victory - 1 over Cannon Bridges (West Lincoln, 32-14) (SV-1 10-8)Travon Clark (Monroe, 27-16) won in sudden victory - 1 over Harrison Tharrington (Franklinton, 27-5) (SV-1 10-8)

2A 145 – Consolation First Round

Skylr Stinson (Providence Grove, 31-13) won by decision over Patrick King (Beddingfield, 18-12) (Dec 4-2)Stone Love (East Davidson, 23-9) won by fall over Johnathan Biagi (East Lincoln, 19-9) (Fall 2:00)Taylor Thorn (East Rutherford, 26-15) won by decision over Myles Somero (Wheatmore, 29-20) (Dec 6-4)DyKarion Credle (Washington, 38-9) won by major decision over Tyrese Murphy (Carver, 21-7) (MD 13-3)

2A 152 – Consolation First Round

Lathan Kee (Shelby, 45-2) won by fall over Justin Guy (Bartlett Yancey, 26-14) (Fall 0:34)Grant Mcdonald (Mt. Pleasant, 43-7) won by decision over William Raynor III (Southwest Onslow, 25-12) (Dec 8-3)Julian Perdue (Lincolnton, 35-10) won by decision over Kristian Kessler (Wheatmore, 16-22) (Dec 12-5)Chance Roberts (Hunter Huss, 37-9) won by forfeit over Richard Sharpe (Dixon, 33-14) (For.)

2A 160 – Consolation First Round

Matteo Fulgheri (Carrboro, 22-12) won by fall over Sammy McMillian (North Surry, 27-9) (Fall 3:57)Tyler Scott (North Johnston, 27-6) won by decision over Che Armstrong (Durham School of the Arts, 18-5) (Dec 11-4)Quentin Horne (Carver, 20-2) won by forfeit over Patrick Doherty (Franklinton, 24-3) (For.)John Reavis (Ashe County, 38-9) won in tie breaker - 1 over Jalen Kelly (Bunn, 30-9) (TB-1 10-9)

2A 170 – Consolation First Round

Rory Aldridge (Northside-Jacksonville, 25-12) won by fall over Phillip Sneed (Clinton, 23-7) (Fall 3:35)Stefan Wagoner (West Wilkes, 28-8) won by fall over Keenan Hawkins (Brevard, 16-9) (Fall 3:28)Mecca Freeman (North Pitt, 50-16) won by fall over Israel Glover (Durham School of the Arts, 21-12) (Fall 3:32)Malik Perkins (Farmville Central, 46-6) won by major decision over Alberto Vargas-Perez (Lexington, 34-17) (MD 14-3)

2A 182 – Consolation First Round

Bailey Drye (Mt. Pleasant, 33-9) won by fall over Jordan Brown (T.W. Andrews, 21-7) (Fall 3:43)JC Fairchild (Franklinton, 25-5) won by decision over Prince Bemah (Hunter Huss, 19-9) (Dec 11-4)Jake Balmas (West Stanly, 45-3) won by fall over Chris Baker (Wheatmore, 30-17) (Fall 2:22)Brandon Perrell (East Davidson, 24-8) won by fall over Ivan Zalaya (Clinton, 25-6) (Fall 1:30)

2A 195 – Consolation First Round

Nate Isenhour (Mt. Pleasant, 39-12) won by fall over Chris Roberts (Randleman, 14-9) (Fall 1:35)Cody Woolverton (Franklinton, 25-5) won by decision over Marquis Moore (Greene Central, 33-12) (Dec 10-5)Kaleb Hendren (Hunter Huss, 36-9) won by fall over Jamil Waters (Ayden-Grifton, 30-8) (Fall 4:33)Dalton Lehotia (Croatan, 34-12) won by decision over Cameron Oakley (Bartlett Yancey, 30-13) (Dec 10-9)

2A 220 – Consolation First Round

Jacobie Lewis (Carrboro, 17-5) won by fall over Ka`Von Aytch-Cuttino (Ayden-Grifton, 27-11) (Fall 2:40)Kenneth Pinnix (Reidsville, 15-5) won by fall over Thomas Hudson (Dixon, 37-7) (Fall 2:33)Albert Harris (Currituck, 25-9) won by fall over Michael Rogers (Franklinton, 17-4) (Fall 1:58)Jonathon Delcid (Lexington, 38-10) won by fall over Caleb Lonca (Bunker Hill, 39-8) (Fall 2:26)

2A 285 – Consolation First Round

Khalic Everett (North Pitt, 40-20) won by fall over Michael Hughes (North Rowan, 17-11) (Fall 1:50)Griffin Guill (Reidsville, 13-7) won by fall over Rudy Robles (Hunter Huss, 21-17) (Fall 2:08)Chris Moore (Salisbury, 34-4) won by fall over Omar Rosa (Bunn, 15-8) (Fall 1:53)Johnny Araya (Lincolnton, 26-6) won by fall over Cooper Cromer (North Lenoir, 32-7) (Fall 1:40)