North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Weddington Basketball Player Has Huge Games

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Sophomore point guard Stephanie Watts of Weddington has had a couple of phenomenal games lately to work her way into the North Carolina High School Athletic Association Record Book.

She recently set the Union County women’s basketball scoring record by going for 50 points in an 83-57 win over Cuthbertson. Watts made 19 field goals, including eight three-pointers and was four of four from the free throw line.

After that, she followed up with one of the rarest of basketball achievements— a quadruple double– in a 74-32 victory over Cox Mill. Watts finished with 20 points, 14 rebounds, 12 assists and 10 steals.  She also had a game high three blocks.

The only other documented quadruple double in the NCHSAA Record Book was achieved by Amanda Sinclair of Red Springs in a game against South Robeson on December 8, 2006. Sinclair had 14 points, 12 rebounds, 11 steals, 14 assists, and four blocks in that contest.