North Carolina High School Athletic Association

USTA North Carolina Annual Awards Available for Nomination

       Tennis thrives in North Carolina because of many dedicated players and supporters, according to the United States Tennis Association North Carolina and the North Carolina Tennis Foundation.

       Without the loyalty of players, officials, volunteers, friends and family, tennis would not be in the great shape it is here in North Carolina. Each year the USTA North Carolina honors those who have done an outstanding job on the court and off to help promote the sport of tennis.

       Awards that may be of particular interest to NCHSAA member schools are awards for a high school Coach of the Year and awards for a male a female player of the year.

         The High School Coach of the Year Given in Honor of Coach Ron Lee 

recognizes the high school coach who meets the following criteria: high school had a team record of success in win-loss and/or improvement in players during the season; encourages the development of team's physical, academic and emotional abilities during the season and promotes development throughout the rest of the year; maintains high ethical and sportsmanship standards; promotes passion for tennis, school and community.

         The awards for the high school male and female players of the year recognizs the high school player (either public or private high school) who has achieved a level of excellence by reaching conference, regional or sectional play in either singles or doubles. This player has also demonstrated the most outstanding full season performance including character, sportsmanship and tennis ability. There will be a male and female recipient.

       Deadline for submission to the USTA North Carolina is August 31, 2015.  Links to the forms are available below

High school male and female player of the year

High school coach of the year