North Carolina High School Athletic Association


       Snow did hit a good portion of the state of North Carolina overnight, so any NCHSAA basketball playoff game which cannot be played today (Thursday, February 26) should be postponed and rescheduled for Friday (February 27).

     The NCHSAA staff is continuing to monitor the situation and will provide additional information about games scheduled for Friday by mid-morning on Friday. Scheduling should be done on a day-by-day basis only. However, the NCHSAA is also exploring a variety of alternatives to attempt to deal with the situation,  although nothing has been decided yet.

     Schools should note that games may start no earlier than 4 p.m, provided the schools mutually agree to that earlier time due to the weather.  A time earlier than 4 p.m. must be requested and approved by the NCHSAA.

     Please note that due to the snow, the NCHSAA offices are closed today (Thursday), so contacting by email would be the most effective way to communicate, especially if permission is needed for a time earlier than 4 p.m.

     Schools are reminded, if there is a postponement, that it is important to update the appropriate section with details of game time and date on the NCHSAA basketball brackets.