North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Substantial Donation Made To NCHSAA Endowment


CHAPEL HILL— A special presentation and large donation to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association was part of the activity surrounding the recent NCHSAA Board of Directors meeting.

Rick Wooten, a regional supervisor of officials in the sport of lacrosse, made a presentation of a donation of $20,197 for the NCHSAA Endowment to Commissioner Davis Whitfield. The money came from various members of the lacrosse community across the state of North Carolina.

Wooten made the presentation on behalf of the Tony Cullen Memorial Scholarship Fund, which honors a former lacrosse player and coach. There will be one to two scholarships to lacrosse players given annually from the fund and based on criteria developed for the award.

A special committee will determine recipients for the award in coming years.