State Cross Country At Tanglewood Park

The Cross Country Course at Tanglewood Park is only a temporary set up utilizing areas of the Amphitheater, Horse track and Horse trails. Day to day these areas are used for other functions of the park and at times this entire area is closed off to accommodate large-scale special events held at Tanglewood.

Tanglewood Park is happy to accommodate practices and other smaller local meets if facilities become available. Please contact the park and kindly check availability. If the area is closed Tanglewood can certainly let the cross country teams know in advance. The Tanglewood web site only lists those events held at the Amphitheater that are open to the public. The site does not reflect those private corporate events utilizing the same area. Schools should contact the park no more than a week in advance and no later than Thursday at 5pm if there are interested in coming out on the weekends to run the course. This way Tanglewood can let you know if the area has been reserved for other functions and prevent any conflicts.

Schools may contact either (336)-778-6300 Main line – or- (336)-778-6307 to speak with Kevin Jay.

Please note that even if a date is available for practice runs, the course itself is not completely set until we get closer to each individual meet date. Thanks, and feel free to call Rebekah Winslow, 919-962-3479 if any further questions should arise.