Regulations and Resources: 

USA Football Fundraising and Grants
USA Football Heads Up Coaching Certification

The NCHSAA has one-time funding available for schools when coaches complete the certification program entitled "Heads Up Football".
The Process:

  • Schools will receive $25 per coach for the first 5 and $10 each coach thereafter.
  • Submit course completion certificate(s) (mandatory that one is the head coach) to Tra Waters.
  • Once course completion certificates have been received, the NCHSAA will reimburse the cost of the course back to the school.

Home Campus

  • 8 Quarter pre-participatioin and Followup
  • Endowment Game
  • Playoff Financial Forms
Season Fast Facts: 

FIRST PRACTICE  | Feb 8, 2021
FIRST CONTEST  | Feb 26, 2021
LAST CONTEST  | Apr 9, 2021

SEASON LIMIT  | 7 games
WEEKLY LIMIT  | 1 game