Sports Medicine Topics Discussed At Meeting At NCHSAA

NCHSAA staff members and personnel from Jordan High School in Durham met recently to discuss sports medicine topics; from left are Ken Brown, health and safety consultant for the NCHSAA, NCHSAA commissioner Que Tucker, Jordan athletic trainer Gail McMurray and Dr. Jimmy Bailey              


            CHAPEL HILL—Charles E. Jordan High School officials and North Carolina High School Athletic Association staff met recently to discuss a number of sports medicine related items, including the injury to a Jordan football player in a recent football game.

            Linebacker Brandon Massey of Jordan was injured in a game at Cardinal Gibbons that was eventually halted after his injury. He was transported by EMS to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fractured neck and had surgery shortly thereafter.

            There were soon positive reports about his condition after the surgery. According to the Jordan officials, Brandon has continued to show great progress.

            Gail McMurry is the long time athletic trainer at Jordan, and Dr. Jimmy Bailey is one of the physicians from Duke Sports Medicine assigned to attend games and consult with Gail on injuries.  These two were primarily responsible for the on field care of Massey after he suffered a cervical spine injury during the game.

Among the topics discussed at the meeting were field care and management, as well as Brandon’s prognosis.  It was good for the NCHSAA to have them visit so that we could celebrate their success and Brandon’s prognosis.

        “Gail and Dr. Massey were among the heroes in this story as they utilized their training to provided premium on field injury recognition, evaluation, and management of this young man," said Ken Brown, health and safety consultant for the NCHSAA. “