Sports Medicine Camp Held In Hendersonville Area


HENDERSONVILLE — There are lots of unique camps that are offered in the summer, but one which was recently completed in the Hendersonville area should pay real dividends for the safety of student-athletes.

Dwayne Durham, who has been active in the field of sports medicine with North Carolina High School Athletic Association member schools for years, hosts a sports medicine camp open to area high school students who are interested in the field of athletic training, sports medicine and injury prevention and care. The Southeastern Sports Medicine Student Trainer Camp was recently completed.

The camp ran over a four-night period and a number of areas were explored, including the use of ice vs. heat for injuries; ankle, knee and shoulder injuries, and concussions. On the last night of the camp, students were certified in first aid, CPR and the use of AED devices.

These students are thus equipped to provide valuable service to their schools and the student-athletes there. We salute Dwayne Durham and the students involved in the Southeastern Sports Medicine Student Trainer Camp.