North Carolina High School Athletic Association

MaxPreps Instructions & FAQs

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  • Coaching Vacancies
  • Games Wanted/Open Dates Instructions
  • Data Entry
    • Athletic Directors:  Login to AD Admin using personal email and password.
      • Scroll over “Hi, (your name)” in the top right corner and click your school listed in blue under AD Accounts
      • Click on Manage Teams on the left side under AD Utilities
      • Click “Manage” next to the respective team and click the “Varsity” level 
      • Click on the blue button “Login to Coach Admin” under Coach Admin
      • Click on “Scores/Stats” at the top of the page
      • Click “Enter/Edit Scores and Stats” 
      • Click the “edit” button next to the tournament game to enter the final score.
      • Click “Save”
    • Coaches
      • Click on your team under “Admin Accounts” on the right. 
      • If not team listed, click on “Edit” in the right-hand corner and then enter the team’s access code on the left. 
      • Click on “Scores/Stats” to enter your box score information.

Championships The NCHSAA creates brackets based on playoff seeding. After matchups are set, coaches may log-in to their coach admin in MaxPreps to update the game date and time. 

The MaxPreps bracket system automatically updates once a score is provided for a game, and it also creates matchups for the next round based on those results. Coaches of winning teams should not create new games for the next round; instead, they only need to update the game times as explained above.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What NCHSAA initiatives will MaxPreps data power?

All information entered into MaxPreps is automatically sent to the NCHSAA to manage regular-season records used to determine post-season qualifications, state record book, NCHSAA stat leaderboards, media publications, etc. The NCHSAA requires each team’s complete box score information (schedule, scores, roster, and stats) to verify your season record for post-season qualification.

What do coaches need to do?

To accurately manage important NCHSAA initiatives, coaches need to update their scores and statistics on MaxPreps after each game throughout the season.

What do athletic directors need to do?

Athletic directors need to communicate with coaches to keep their scores and statistics updated on MaxPreps. ADs should direct any new coaches or coaches currently not using MaxPreps to contact MaxPreps state rep Ryan Casey at to get an admin account immediately.

Which sports are included in the partnership?

Football, Volleyball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball.

What about other sports?

Coaches from any other sports may still choose to use MaxPreps’ free platform.

What stats are available and recommended that should be entered?

You can enter the following statistics for each sport after each game contest.
Football – TDs, Receiving Yds, Passing Yds, Rushing Yds, FGs, tackles, sacks, interceptions, FG attempts, Rushing attempts, Passing Attempts & Completions.
Basketball – Points, Rebounds, Assists, Free throws, 3pts, 2pts, Shot attempts
Volleyball – Serve Attempts, Aces, Serving Errors, Attacks, Kills, Errors, Digs, Assists, Blocks
Soccer – Goals, Assists, Shots, Saves, Goals Against, Mins Played for GK
Lacrosse – Goals, Assists, Face-Offs, Goals Against, Mins Played for GK
Baseball/Softball – At Bats, Runs, Hits, Runs Batted In, Home Runs, Innings Pitched, Earned Runs

How can I designate a game as an Endowment Game?

When you want to identify a game as an endowment game, type in “Endowment Game” in the Game Details section of the Add a Game entry. See below.
This does not automatically qualify a game as an Endowment Game; please click here to see that process.

Can I automatically notify the media?

MaxPreps offers an automatic notification to all media outlets of your choosing. After entering in game results, click on Send Schedule, Roster & Stats; see screenshot below. Coaches can also include a quote about the game.

How do I sign up to get access to my administrative account on MaxPreps for the first time?

Coaches or Athletic Directors can follow this link on MaxPreps to learn how to become a MaxPreps member and request access to your school or team. Alternatively, you can email NCHSAA rep Ryan Casey at for access.

Is MaxPreps compatible with other stat programs?

In addition to MaxPreps’ mobile, tablet, and desktop tools, MaxPreps is compatible with over 40 different stat companies across multiple sports. Click here to view MaxPreps stat partners.

Does MaxPreps have an app to manage team information?

Yes, MaxPreps has an app available to download for both iPhone and Android devices.Coaches can manage rosters (including roster photos), team schedules, update game results, and input statistics. Find download links at

Can Athletic Directors control their MaxPreps team pages, if desired?

Yes. Athletic Directors can manage every single team page from their free “School Administration” page on MaxPreps. While MaxPreps recommends coaches are responsible for their team information, MaxPreps provides 100% free reporting, communication, and school management tools for athletic directors, if desired.

Can coaches allow a team statistician or assistant coach to help manage their team information?

Yes! Once the coach has access to their team admin page, they can give other individuals access to their page to help keep their team information accurate.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

MaxPreps has a robust support article database available at, and is a great place to begin. ADs and coaches may also contact NCHSAA MaxPreps representative Ryan Casey at or 530-230-4483. 

Can I add in additional coaching staff?

Under the Roster link, coaches can add Staff, using the Staff link as shown below. There is a free-form box for the coach to add the staff member’s role to type in whatever that person’s position is.

That information will also show up on the team pages on under the Roster link.