Rival High Schools Join Together In Inspiring Effort For Wyatt Marini


         GREENSBORO—Two rival high schools combined efforts to support a student-athlete in a difficult situation, and the situation provides another example of the true spirit of high school sports.

         Northwest Guilford and Northeast Guilford High Schools recently gained permission for all players in their junior varsity and varsity baseball programs to wear the number 12 on their uniform shirts in a game, in honor of Wyatt Marini.

         Marini, who has played baseball at both schools, had emergency brain surgery and has been in intensive care, but indications are that the mass which was removed was non-cancerous.

         The night raised more than $4,000 for the family and medical expenses, but it also spoke to the spirit of high school athletics.

         Sandy Gann, head baseball coach at Northwest Guilford, said,  “The night was inspiring and powerful.  Together, Northwest Guilford and Northeast Guilford raised over 4,000 dollars for Wyatt and his family.  I am one proud coach of my program today. 

         “We compete against each other every year, but I also want to let anyone who will listen know how much I admire, respect and am thankful to call Northeast Guilford Head Coach Brad White my friend.  I know he is proud of his program as well.  But, I am so proud of him for all the work and effort he did for the event.  Quality individual!”