North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Regional Supervisor Open Positions

BaseballSoutheastern Baseball Umpires2024-2025June 24, 2024
LacrosseTriangle Lacrosse Officials2024-2025June 24, 2024

The position requires an individual who understands the game and can teach and train officials. Observation, evaluation, development, and recruitment are expected job performance factors. An individual should have technical skills for website development, video review, and teaching/learning skills via electronic mediums.

The deadlines for submitting applications are listed above. Anyone interested in applying for the position should send a letter of application, resume, and a list of references (minimum of 3) to the attention of:

Mark Dreibelbis, Interim Director of Officiating Services

P.O. Box 3216
Chapel Hill, NC 27515
(919) 240-7372

Selection Process for Regional Supervisors

The following process will be used by all Regional officials’ associations whenever a Regional supervisor is to be replaced or a new Regional officials association is formed.


  1. The NCHSAA will appoint a Selection Committee composed of local officials, coaches, athletic directors, principals, and superintendents from the schools served, plus an NCHSAA Board of Directors member or former Board member.
  2. The NCHSAA office will appoint the Chairperson of the Selection Committee.
  3. The NCHSAA and/or Committee Chairperson will send a vacancy announcement to all local Regional official’s association members of that sport. They will post the position opening on the NCHSAA website.
  4. The vacancy announcement will include:
    A list of eligibility requirements includes:
    – The selected Regional supervisor will not be allowed to officiate the sport in booked contests unless approved in advance and in writing by the NCHSAA.
    – The selected Regional supervisor must be available to the schools, as well as the officials.
    – The selected Regional supervisor will be required to recruit, teach, train, and evaluate officials.
    The selected Regional supervisor must have access to current electronic availabilities to manage their assigned responsibilities effectively.
    A request for candidates’ resumes of experience, proposed plans for association improvement, and a list of references.
    A deadline for submission of an application to the NCHSAA office.
  5. The NCHSAA Supervisor of Officials will review the applications. The NCHSAA will then furnish the Committee Chairperson with a listing of qualified candidates to be interviewed.
  6. Each candidate approved by the NCHSAA may be eligible to be interviewed by the Selection Committee. The NCHSAA will set a maximum number of interview candidates. The Committee Chairperson will notify each candidate regarding the interview time, length of the interview, and date/location of the interview.
  7. All new regional supervisors must use the NCHSAA-approved assigning software.
  8. After all, interviews have been completed. The Selection Committee will recommend to the NCHSAA the individual(s) they deem most prepared to meet the qualification standards for the Regional supervisor vacancy. The Committee Chairperson will forward the committee’s recommendation to the NCHSAA for final review.
  9. The NCHSAA Supervisor of Officials, or designee, will have the right to interview the nominated candidate(s) and finalize the recommendation to the NCHSAA Board of Directors for approval.
  10. After the NCHSAA gives its final approval, the NCHSAA will notify all candidates about the selection. The appointment will be announced upon approval of the NCHSAA Board of Directors.