North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Practice Beginning For NCHSAA Fall Sports

        CHAPEL HILL—August 1 is the first official date for practice for North Carolina High School Athletic Association fall sports teams, including football.

        Football programs across the state will begin official practice with the first five days required to be used for physical conditioning.

        On the first two days of football practice, headgear, shorts and football shoes constitute acceptable dress. On days three, four and five, shoulder pads may be added but absolutely no body to body contact is permitted. Practice time during the first five-day period shall be limited to three hours, including stretching and breaks.

        On day six, full uniforms may be worn and body-to-body contact is allowed. All football players, with the exception of soccer players who play only as kickers, must follow the conditioning requirements. Any student who is late coming out for a football team must still undergo five days of conditioning as outlined before engaging in body-to-body contact.

        The first official for scrimmages between schools in football is August 10 and the first official playing date for the 2013 season is August 23.

        Schools are also reminded of the hot weather management and prevention  guidelines and recommendations and the importance of hydration for student-athletes.