Plummer Blocking Shots At Incredible Pace

         East Davidson women’s basketball standout Bayley Plummer has been swatting shots away at a record pace during the first two years of her career.

         Don Corry, head coach of the East Davidson team, has provided documentation for a number of single game and season blocked-shot performances.

         Plummer blocked 214 shots during the 2013-14 season and knocked away 191 as a freshman in 2012-13, both of which earn spots on the performance list.

         Her best night was on February 19 of this year, where she was credited with 20 blocked shots in a 61-28 victory over Thomasville, a game in which she recorded a triple double with 26 points and 18 rebounds to go with the 20 blocks.  She also blocked 14 shots twice in games during her freshman year in 2012-13.