North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Penalties for an Ejection

NCHSAA Handbook

3.3.7 Penalties for an Ejection

(b) Ejection Penalty – A membership entity shall impose at least the following penalties on a student, coach, or school official who is ejected from an interscholastic athletic contest:

(1) For the first offense, the person shall be reprimanded and suspended from participating in the next game at that level of play (varsity or junior varsity);

(2) For a second offense, the person shall be placed on probation and suspended for the next two games at that level of play (varsity or junior varsity); 
(3) For a third offense, the person shall be suspended for one calendar year. 

(i) Any student-athlete or administrator who is ejected or disqualified from a contest is required to complete the NFHS “Sportsmanship” course before being eligible to return to competition. Any coach who is ejected from a contest must take the NFHS “Teaching and Modeling Behavior” course before being eligible to return to the competition.
(j) If a team has student-athletes ejected due to fighting, the head coach must take the NFHS Learning Course “Teaching and Modeling Behavior.” It must be completed before coaching in the next game.

Athletic Directors Actions:

  • Once ejection is filed, both schools in the contest will be notified.
  • Only the athletic director for the school, with an ejected individual, will need to take any action.
  • From the DragonFly “Vault,” find the ejection report
    • Optional step: To filter, click in the “Filter” box, select “Form,” and then select “Ejection Report” from the dropdown menu to view ejection reports only.  
  • Under the “School Action,” verify the report.
  • The individual must complete the required coursework in NFHS Learn before participating in the next contest.
  • Once completed, upload course certificates.