2018 NCHSAA Cheerleading Invitational

The 2018 NCHSAA Cheerleading Invitational wrapped up a full day of competition featuring 129 cheerleading squads across all divisions at the Raleigh Convention Center. The Northwest Guilford Vikings took their first Carolina Cup with top overall honors in the 16th Invitational in the history of the NCHSAA. 

The NCHSAA awards four $500 scholarships annually, one to a cheerleader in each of the NCHSAA’s four classifications. To qualify, recipient must be a college-bound senior varsity cheerleader at an NCHSAA member school. Recipients must be on a participating team at the NCHSAA Cheerleading Invitational for that year and be planning to enroll in an accredited institution of higher education in the year following graduation. Applicants must be well-rounded individuals demonstrating excellence in Cheerleading with outstanding presence of school spirit, community service involvement and academics with a minimum average GPA of 3.0 throughout the student’s high school career.

The 1A scholarship winner is Carolyn Baylee Haynes a senior at West Columbus High School who plans on attending Clemson University in the Fall of 2019. Baylee has been chosen as an All-American Cheerleader for three years and is also a member of the tennis team. She is involved in several community service endeavors, including Operation Christmas Child, volunteering at soup kitchens, and raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. She does all this while maintaining a 4.0 unweighted GPA.

Macy Carmichael, a senior at Ledford High School, is the 2A scholarship winner and is currently mulling over her decision on where to attend college. She is an SGA officer, Secretary of the senior class, a member of the HOSA, FCS, International, Beta, and Mu Alpha Theta clubs.  Her unweighted GPA of 3.83 has her ranked in the top 15% of her class.  Macy has been active in the Davidson County Special Olympics, Crisis Ministry, and created her own book and game drive titled “The Next Chapter” which collected over 1,000 gently used items to donate to an elementary school with limited resources.

The 3A scholarship winner, Somer Caulder, is a senior at Eastern Guilford High School where she is a member of Student Council, National Honor Society, BETA Club, LEO Club, Wildcat Crazies Pep Club,  and the Medical Careers and the Society of Future Healthcare Professionals. She will look to further her education at UNC-Wilmington where she will major in nursing and minor in business management.  She has volunteered her time at Wake forest Baptist Health and Brenners Children’s Hospital.  

Jordan Feldman, a senior at Lake Norman High School, is the 4A scholarship winner and has her sights set at either UNC Chapel Hill or Duke University. She is interested in the field of Neuroscience.  Jordan has volunteered countless hours as a youth cheer coach while working with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Lake Norman Volunteers where she has served in the role of President.  Jordan has an unweighted GPA of 4.0 which has her second in her class.

2018 NCHSAA Cheer Invitational Results by Division

High School Non-Building

Rank                                                                            Score   

1st       Pamlico County HS (14)                                  55.4

2nd      Franklin Academy HS                                      48.4

            Small Varsity Non-Tumble D2 – A                  

1st       Forbush HS (14)                                              80.4

2nd      Southwest Edgecombe HS                              61

3rd      West Iredell HS                                               57.6

4th       Patton HS                                                        57.2

5th       Princeton HS                                                   55.8

6th       North Carolina School of Science and Math  50.9

7th       Owens HS                                                        47.1

            Small Varsity Non-Tumble D2 – B                  

1st       South Rowan HS                                             73.1

2nd      Northeastern HS                                             72.4

3rd      Nash Central HS                                              63.6

4th       Beddingfield HS                                              61.1

            Small Varsity D1-A                                         

1st       Hopewell HS (10)                                            64.8

2nd      TC Roberson HS                                              64.55

3rd      Sanderson HS                                                  63.15

4th       Richmond County HS                                      51.3

5th       Middle Creek HS                                             50.45

            Small Varsity Non-Tumble D1                       

1st       Eastern Guilford HS (16)                                 79.3

2nd      Mountain Island Charter School                     62.3

3rd      North Buncombe HS                                       60.1

4th       Parkwood HS                                                  60

5th       West Brunswick HS                                         58.6

6th       Swansboro HS                                                 58.4

7th       Rocky Mount HS                                             57.4

8th       Franklinton HS                                                56

            Small Varsity D1-B                                         

1st       Heritage HS                                                     75.9

2nd      Lake Norman HS                                             74.2

3rd      Apex HS                                                           71.1

4th       Southern Alamance HS                                   59.6

5th       Western Alamance HS                                    57

6th       Athens Drive HS                                              50.2

7th       Jack Britt HS                                                    44.6

            Small Varsity D1-C                                          

1st       Charlotte Catholic HS (16)                              76.45

2nd      Harnett Central HS                                          57.5

3rd      Reagan HS                                                       56.4

4th       Gray’s Creek HS                                              44

            Medium Varsity D2                                        

1st       Lake Norman Charter (18)                              72.6

2nd      South Point HS                                                39.8

            Medium Varsity Non-Tumble D2                  

1st       Currituck County HS                                       78.4

2nd      West Columbus HS                                         66.4

3rd      Farmville Central HS                                       62.7

4th       Bear Grass Charter                                         57

5th       Goldsboro HS                                                  50.9     

            Medium Varsity Non-Tumble D1                  

1st       Mallard Creek HS                                            68.4

2nd      Southern Nash HS                                           58.6

3rd      Topsail HS                                                       58.3

4th       Reynolds HS                                                    58.2

5th       New Bern HS                                                   52.4

6th       Fike HS                                                            51.7

7th       Erwin HS                                                          47.1     

            Medium Varsity D1-A                                    

1st       Broughton HS                                                 75.3

2nd      Green Hope HS                                               67

3rd      East Rowan HS                                                58.15

4th       Panther Creek HS                                            58.1

5th       Jacksonville HS                                                56.3

6th       Union Pines HS                                               53.75

7th       Cleveland HS                                                   49.45   

            Medium Varsity D1-B                                    

1st       Cardinal Gibbons HS                                       81.3

2nd      Hough HS                                                        65.9

3rd      Millbrook HS                                                   64.3

4th       Carson HS                                                        61.4

5th       Hoggard HS                                                     59.85

6th       Charles B Aycock HS                                       48.6

7th       North Brunswick HS                                        47.6

            Large Varsity Non-Tumble D2                       

1st       Pisgah HS                                                        62.3

2nd      North Johnston HS                                          62.2

3rd      Camden County HS                                         59.6

4th       St.Pauls HS                                                      57.8

5th       Northside HS  – Pinetown                               55.92

6th       Trask HS                                                          41.1     

            Large Varsity Non-Tumble D1                       

1st       Northwest Guilford HS                                   85

2nd      Enka HS                                                           65.4

3rd      Tuscola HS                                                      61

4th       North Henderson HS                                      59

5th       Ashley HS                                                        58.4     

            Large Varsity D2                                             

1st       Ledford HS                                                      76.5

2nd      Piedmont HS                                                   50.1     

            Large Varsity D1                                             

1st       Holly Springs HS                                              74.5

2nd      Conley HS                                                        69.1

3rd      Wake Forest HS                                              64.4

4th       Marvin Ridge HS                                             63.55

5th       South Caldwell HS                                           62.85

6th       Wakefield HS                                                  60.9

7th       Overhills HS                                                     47.9     

            Varsity Coed                                                   

1st       Davie County HS                                             82

2nd      Leesville Road HS                                            71.9

3rd      A. L. Brown HS                                                67.5

4th       Apex Friendship  HS                                        64.3




            Small Junior Varsity Non-Tumble D2

1st       Pisgah HS                                                        67.2

2nd      North Johnston HS                                          65.8

3rd      Southwest Edgecombe HS                              54.6

4th       Richlands HS                                                   48.5

            Small Junior Varsity Non-Tumble D1            

1st       Apex HS                                                           59.2

2nd      West Carteret HS                                            58.3

3rd      Rocky Mount HS                                             58

4th       Athens Drive HS                                              56

            Small Junior Varsity D2                                  

1st       Cherryville High School                                   47.3

            Small Junior Varsity D1                                  

1st       Ardrey Kell HS                                                 59.6

2nd      Apex Friendship HS                                         55.5

3rd      Green Hope HS                                               53.4

            Large Junior Varsity D1                                  

1st       Cardinal Gibbons HS                                       64.8

2nd      Millbrook HS                                                   61.35

3rd      Hoggard HS                                                     60.85

4th       Conley HS                                                        57.55

5th       Cleveland HS                                                   57.2

6th       Broughton HS                                                 56.55

7th       Lake Norman HS                                             54.9

            Large Junior Varsity Non-Tumble D2            

1st       Langtree Charter                                             52.3

2nd      West Columbus HS                                         49.4

3rd      John Holmes HS                                              43.7

            Large Junior Varsity Non-Tumble D1            

1st       Eastern Guilford HS                                        70.1

2nd      Topsail HS                                                       68.2

3rd      Franklinton HS                                                55.9

4th       New Bern HS                                                   54.1

5th       Fike HS                                                            50.4

6th       West Brunswick HS                                         45.9

7th       Overhills HS                                                     45.1

            Small Varsity D2                                             

1st       Cherryville HS                                                 70.4

3rd      Maiden HS                                                      69.9

2nd      Washington HS                                               69.9

4th       Christ the King                                                57.6

5th       Eastern Randolph HS                                      53.45

6th       West Stokes HS                                               45.3

7th       Richlands HS                                                   41.65