North Carolina High School Athletic Association

NCHSAA Regional Meetings Held Across State


            CHAPEL HILL—For the 44th consecutive year, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association has held its regional meetings across the state.

            For a two-week span, NCHSAA staff takes to the road to hold meetings in each of the eight NCHSAA regions. This year’s schedule called for meetings to be held in the Western regions during the first week and the meetings in the East the following week.

            NCHSAA interim commissioner Que Tucker and associate commissioner Rick Strunk made the full tour, with other staff members joining them at specific locations. 

            A member of the NCHSAA Board of Directors from that specific region served as chairperson for the meeting.

            The meetings included updates on NCHSAA sports regulations, eligibility rules, emerging issues, question and answer sessions, presentation of awards and other items.

 Principals and athletic directors of NCHSAA member schools, along with superintendents or other central office personnel who work with athletics, are among the administrators invited to attend the meetings.

            The representatives of the North Carolina Coaches Association and the North Carolina Athletic Directors Association from the particular region also presented reports, and awards are given in different categories in each region. A member of the NCHSAA's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) also made a presentation.

            The regional meeting swing started in Charlotte on Monday, September 21 and then went to Asheville, Wilkesboro and Greensboro. In the second week, week the meetings started in Fayetteville on Monday, September 28 and then went to Kenansville, Greenville and Raleigh.


Region               Site                                                                           Attendance

Region 6        Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte                                           170

Region 8        WRESA Center, Asheville                                                112

Region 7        Stone Family Performing Arts Center, Wilkesboro          110

Region 5        Greensboro Coliseum                                                      162

Region 4        Educaction Resource Center, Fayetteville                        101

Region 2         Duplin Commons, Kenansville                                         127

Region 1        Murphy Center, East Carolina University                             86

Region 3        Vaughn Towers, N.C. State University                               170