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NCHSAA Centennial Celebration: 100 To Remember — Coaches


            CHAPEL HILL—As part of the celebration of the centennial of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, the NCHSAA has released the second list of its “100 To Remember” series.
            The list of “100 To Remember: Coaches” highlights one hundred of the top coachesin NCHSAA history, going back to the founding of the organization in 1913.  A special committee, including school administrators and coaches from across the state as well as sports media, put together the list in a series of meetings.
            Many people made nominations for the lists on the NCHSAA web site. Association records and archives were also consulted, as well as members of the committee offering names for discussion.
            “Coming up with a list of ‘100 To Remember’ was a tremendous challenge,” said Davis Whitfield, commissioner of the NCHSAA. “So many individuals have participated, coached or been involved with the rich history and tradition of the first 100 years of the NCHSAA. This group of distinguished individuals not only served their schools, school systems and communities in an exceptional fashion, but our Association as well.”
            During the 2013 year in which the 100th anniversary is celebrated by the NCHSAA, other “100 To Remember” lists will be released, including female athletes and male athletes. The development of the lists and the discussions certainly fit in with the slogan for the centennial: “Honoring the Past, Embracing the Present and Shaping the Future.”
    The list of administrators was the initial one released. Administrators included athletic directors, principals, superintendents or others involved with the administration of athletics at a local or statewide level
    All of the 100th anniversary lists will be posted in the NCHSAA website under the special 100th portal.
    Click on the link below for the list:

100 to Remember: Coaches