North Carolina High School Athletic Association



An email is also being sent with this information to all of the schools still alive in the NCHSAA volleyball playoffs, prior to the matches to be played on Saturday.  It is okay to wait to see the outcome of Saturday’s match; but IF YOU WIN ON SATURDAY, it’s imperative that you get this to us as soon as possible afterwards and no later than Monday afternoon at 3 p.m.


Congratulations on advancing in this year’s NCHSAA volleyball playoffs!


Our protocol for providing information for championship program, announcing purposes, etc., has changed. Below are the specifics:


–all of the information below can be emailed and should be done with one email; make sure you put the NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL and VOLLEYBALL PLAYOFFS in the subject line for ease of handling at the NCHSAA


–email a team photo and the names of the members of your coaching staff


–please check to make sure that your team’s information in MaxPreps is up to date.   (the format from MaxPreps is fine, but we do need it emailed to us)


–season highlights to be in the championship program; example is below. We will also use stats from MaxPreps, so you should email a copy of those, but if you haven’t posted them there it would be good to list them in the email info below, too:

Team has won conference regular season title three years in a row…won Big City Invitational to open season…Jane Doe was Player of the Year in the conference…Susan Smith and Jill Johnson joined Doe on all-conference team…Doe has committed to further her career at University of Florida and leads team in kills…team making fifth trip to NCHSAA state championships with three previous state crowns


–a copy of your roster; make sure that it is updated to reflect any junior varsity players who have been called up for postseason play; it should be as complete as possible (first and last names, positions, height and weight and year such as sophomore, junior, etc.) are necessary. The MaxPreps roster can be used if those categories are utilized and it is up to date.


–a copy of your results; MaxPreps may be used if it is up to date


You can email to Patrick Stephenson at AND Rick Strunk at