North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Green Hope Coach Writes Book About His Profession

     A coach at a North Carolina High School Athletic Association member school has written a book that may be of great interest to many across the state.

     Mike Miragliuolo, the head coach of both the cross country teams and the baseball team at Green Hope High School in Wake County, has penned “The Real Story of a High School Coach,” which was featured recently in the Raleigh News and Observer.

     Miragliuolo has led his women’s cross country teams at Green Hope to five NCHSAA state championships and his men’s squad has won one state crown.  He was featured in the NCHSAA’s 100th anniversary book written by Tim Stevens about his passion for high school sports and his unique approach to his cross country squad, which often has over 200 runners.

     The Green Hope coach, now 39 years of age, coached in Maine prior to coming to North Carolina and won a state championship in baseball there. He has also guided the Green Hope team to five baseball conference championships in 13 seasons.

     Miragliuolo tries to explain the various aspects of being a high school coach while also expressing some concerns about the future of high school athletics, including specialization.

     The summary of the book on includes the following: “In The Real Story of a High School Coach, Miragliuolo analyzes the day-to-day responsibilities of a high school coach, but delves further into the profession attempting to explain the motivation for one to enter this field in the 21st century. He provides a look into the mind of a coach, allowing fellow coaches to reflect on his or her own experiences, as well as introducing those unfamiliar with this undertaking to get a behind-the-scenes look at the occupation.”

     The book has been published by Outskirts Press and is available at or at  It is the second book written by Miragliuolo, as he earlier authored An American Boy, billed as “a memoir that focuses on the impact of family on one’s values and presents a story to which most Americans can relate.”