a quick question concerning rules, regulations and policies of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Q: Does the North Carolina High School Athletic Association have a policy concerning social media?

A: The answer is yes.  The NCHSAA Board of Directors has passed a social media policy statement as follows: “The NCHSAA recognizes, encourages and supports its student-athletes’, coaches’ and officials’ rights to freedom of speech, expression and association, including the use of social media.  Social media applies, without limitation, to any web-based and mobile technologies, in use now or developed in the future, that enables individuals or entities to disseminate or receive information, communicate, or otherwise interact.  The Association believes that student-athletes, coaches, and officials are role models, and their use of social media should conform to standards consistent with sportsmanlike conduct. Please remember that everything you post is public information, and derogatory, defamatory and otherwise inappropriate social media commentary may result in the imposition of penalties.”