North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Association Spotlight: Black History Month — Stephens-lee High School


During the month of February, in honor of Black History Month, the NCHSAA website will feature information about African-Americans who have made major contributions to the great tradition of high school sports in our state. We hope you find these both entertaining and informative.


One of the well known schools which was a member of the old North Carolina High School Athletic Conference was Stephens-Lee High School of Asheville.

Stephens-Lee opened in 1921 and graduated its first class in 1924. The school was also known for its excellent music program as well as athletics. One of the great coaches for the Stephens-Lee Bears was Clarence Moore, who later was inducted into the North Carolina High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame.

Henry Logan, who went on to greatness at Western Carolina and then played professionally, was a Stephens-Lee graduate and helped lead his school to an NCHSAC state championship as a sophomore.

The history of the “Castle on the Hill” is chronicled beautifully in a book written by Johnny Bailey and Bennie Lake entitled “The Greatest Sports Heroes of the Stephens-Lee Bears.” It is full of vintage pictures and stories about athletes, coaches and teachers at the school, which closed in 1965.