North Carolina High School Athletic Association

2022 NCHSAA Individual Wrestling State Tournament | Championship Finals Results & Team Scores

GREENSBORO, NC – The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) wrapped up the 2022 Individual Wrestling State Tournament at the Greensboro Coliseum Saturday evening by crowning 56 individual state champions across four classifications. Below are the results from the championship round in all four classifications along with the medalists for each weight class. 

 Final Team Scores (PDF) | Day 3 Consolation Results (Link) | Day 2 Results (Link) | Day 1 Results (Link)

1A Team Champions: Avery County – 196 points – Third-straight 1A Team Championship for the Vikings at the Individual Wrestling Tournament

1A Most Outstanding Wrestler: Levi Andrews (Avery County, 285 lb.) – Fourth Individual State Championship victory for Andrews (1A 220 lb. in 2019 & 2020, 1A 285 lb. in 2021 & 2022)


2A Team Champions: Bandys – 139.5 points – Fourth Team Championship at the Individual Wrestling Tournament for Bandys and their first since back-to-back team titles in 2A in 2005 & 2006.

2A Most Outstanding Wrestler: Jeremiah Price (Surry Central, 152 lb.)


3A Team Champions: Fred T. Foard – 177 points – Third Individual Tournament Team Championship all-time for the Tigers and first since winning 2A in 2018

3A Most Outstanding Wrestler: Kyle Montaperto (Central Academy, 126 lb.) – Fourth Individual State Championship victory for Montaperto (2A 106 lb. in 2019, 2A 120 lb. in 2020 & 2021, and 3A 126 lb. in 2022. 


4A Team Champions: Laney – 159 points – Second straight team title at the Individual Wrestling Tournament for the Buccaneers, third all-time. 

4A Most Outstanding Wrestler: Nathan Carnes (Porter Ridge, 220 lb.)


2022 NCHSAA 1A Wrestling State Tournament

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Championship Finals

106 Lb. –Alexis Panama (Robbinsville, 26-6, So.) over Hunter Fulp (North Stokes, 49-3, Sr.) by decision (Dec 10-3)
113 Lb. – Ben Jordan (Avery County, 48-2, So.) over Marcos Sagahon (Alleghany, 36-11, So.) by decision (Dec 6-0)
120 Lb. – Tristan Hale (South Davidson, 49-0, Sr.) over Brandon Ropp (Rosman, 43-9, Sr.) by decision (Dec 5-0)
126 Lb. – Grant Reece (Avery County, 44-10, So.) over Jayden Nowell (Robbinsville, 38-5, Sr.) by decision (Dec 8-4)
132 Lb. – Aldo Hernandez (Uwharrie Charter, 49-3, Jr.) over Bryson Church (Alleghany, 39-13, Sr.) by tech fall (TF-1.5 2:22 (15-0))
138 Lb. – Ethan Shell (Avery County, 50-2, Fr.) over Byan Lackey (Uwharrie Charter, 38-8, Sr.) by fall (Fall 0:49)
145 Lb. – Ranfere Garcia (South Stanly, 27-9, Jr.) over Johnathan Cable (Avery County, 28-4, Sr.) (Fall 3:25)
152 Lb. – Tristan Adams (Avery County, 24-4, Jr.) over Chase Miller (Cherryville, 45-8, Jr.) by decision (Dec 5-3)
160 Lb. – Grayson Roberts (Uwharrie Charter, 48-4, Jr.) over Isaac Williams (Union Academy, 32-8, Sr.) by decision (Dec 7-5)
170 Lb. – Connor Medvar (Mount Airy, 31-1, Sr.) over Doug Bowles (Uwharrie Charter, 47-5, Sr.) by decision (Dec 10-3)
182 Lb. – Kyle Fink (Robbinsville, 46-4, Sr.) over Joseph Akers (South Davidson, 47-2, Sr.) by fall (Fall 4:46)
195 Lb. – Kage Williams (Robbinsville, 35-1, So.) over Edwin Agabo (Mount Airy, 20-6, Jr.) by fall (Fall 0:58)
220 Lb. – Ben Wachacha (Robbinsville, 40-6, Sr.) over Carson Taylor (Swain County, 30-10, Sr.) by decision (Dec 7-3)
285 Lb. – Levi Andrews (Avery County, 51-1, Sr.) over Carlos Wesley (Robbinsville, 26-9, Sr.) by decision (Dec 3-0)



2022 NCHSAA 1A Wrestling State Tournament
Final Placements
106 Lb.
1st Place – Alexis Panama of Robbinsville
2nd Place – Hunter Fulp of North Stokes
3rd Place – Cooper Foster of Avery County
4th Place – Ethan Hines of Uwharrie Charter
113 Lb.
1st Place – Ben Jordan of Avery County
2nd Place – Marcos Sagahon of Alleghany
3rd Place – Brandon Jordan of Uwharrie Charter
4th Place – Cooper Wingate of Leadership Academy
120 Lb.
1st Place – Tristan Hale of South Davidson
2nd Place – Brandon Ropp of Rosman
3rd Place – Kenneth Pritz of Avery County
4th Place – Ryan Mann of North East Carolina Prep
126 Lb.
1st Place – Grant Reece of Avery County
2nd Place – Jayden Nowell of Robbinsville
3rd Place – Logan Tortual of Rosewood
4th Place – Carlos Vasquez of Thomasville
132 Lb.
1st Place – Aldo Hernandez of Uwharrie Charter
2nd Place – Bryson Church of Alleghany
3rd Place – Cole Nixon of Starmount
4th Place – Michael Linko of Rosewood
138 Lb.
1st Place – Ethan Shell of Avery County
2nd Place – Byan Lackey of Uwharrie Charter
3rd Place – Adam Cotterman of Swain County
4th Place – Gavin Davis of Rosewood
145 Lb.
1st Place – Ranfere Garcia of South Stanly
2nd Place – Johnathan Cable of Avery County
3rd Place – Koda Blythe of Alleghany
4th Place – Jaret Panama of Robbinsville
152 Lb.
1st Place – Tristan Adams of Avery County
2nd Place – Chase Miller of Cherryville
3rd Place – Nicholas (franklin) Bennett of Mount Airy
4th Place – Jacob Regitz of Bishop McGuinness
160 Lb.
1st Place – Grayson Roberts of Uwharrie Charter
2nd Place – Isaac Williams of Union Academy
3rd Place – Bradley Parker of Avery County
4th Place – Isaac Stoker of Alleghany
170 Lb.
1st Place – Connor Medvar of Mount Airy
2nd Place – Doug Bowles of Uwharrie Charter
3rd Place – Seth Blackledge of Avery County
4th Place – Gabriel Lillard of Swain County
182 Lb.
1st Place – Kyle Fink of Robbinsville
2nd Place – Joseph Akers of South Davidson
3rd Place – Mason Grindstaff of Cherryville
4th Place – Jaden Maness of Uwharrie Charter
195 Lb.
1st Place – Kage Williams of Robbinsville
2nd Place – Edwin Agabo of Mount Airy
3rd Place – Blake Sain of Swain County
4th Place – Tyler Parrish of Rosewood
220 Lb.
1st Place – Ben Wachacha of Robbinsville
2nd Place – Carson Taylor of Swain County
3rd Place – Grayson Hoilman of Avery County
4th Place – Steven Sullivan of Starmount
285 Lb.
1st Place – Levi Andrews of Avery County
2nd Place – Carlos Wesley of Robbinsville
3rd Place – Kohlton Neadeau of Swain County
4th Place – Deshawn Holman of Thomasville 

2022 NCHSAA 2A Wrestling State Tournament

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Championship Finals

106 Lb. –Lawson Vang (Bunker Hill, 38-3, Sr.) over Jared Thomas (Morehead, 49-3, So.) by decision (Dec 4-1)
113 Lb. – Sumter Horton (R-S Central, 29-9, Jr.) over Riley Shaw (West Wilkes, 47-3, Sr.) by fall (Fall 3:43)
120 Lb. – Rayshun James (Reidsville, 36-2, So.) over Raul Hernandez (Bunker Hill, 41-7, Sr.) by major decision (MD 9-1)
126 Lb. – David McEachern (Mount Pleasant, 42-9, So.) over Chade Norman (West Lincoln, 29-11, Sr.) by fall (Fall 4:46)
132 Lb. – Bryson Burkett (Bandys, 41-9, Sr.) over Connor Goodman (Jay M. Robinson, 53-6, Sr.) by decision (Dec 9-4)
138 Lb. – David Makupson (Trinity, 50-1, Sr.) over Will Nix (Bandys, 34-13, Jr.) by major decision (MD 10-0)
145 Lb. – Jacob Price (Surry Central, 32-2, So.) over Caleb Johnson-White (East Burke, 27-5, Sr.) by decision (Dec 8-2)
152 Lb. – Jeremiah Price (Surry Central, 42-0, Jr.) over Dilan Patton (Patton, 38-3, Sr.) by tech fall (TF-1.5 6:00 (26-9))
160 Lb. – Caleb Moore (Bandys, 48-2, Sr.) over Brayden Guess (Bunker Hill, 43-5, Sr.) by deicision (Dec 3-2)
170 Lb. – Kyler Pickard (Mount Pleasant),48-3, Sr.) over Richard Post (R-S Central, 34-6, Jr.) by decision (Dec 7-0)
182 Lb. – Raheem Jones (North Pitt, 42-0, Sr.) over Eli Becker (East Surry, 27-1, Jr.) by decision (Dec 7-4)
195 Lb. – Owen Clark (Newton-Conover, 51-2, Jr.) over James Calloway (Madison, 30-5, Sr.) by decision (Dec 6-0)
220 Lb. – Joseph Lioret-Tutty (Newton-Conover, 50-6, Jr.) over Bryan Gordon (West Stokes, 47-2, Sr.) by decision (Dec 10-7)
285 Lb. – Jaden Gaither (Salisbury, 19-5, Sr.) over Jarek Stewart-Karolweics (Brevard, 38-6, Sr.) by fall (Fall 0:57)

2022 NCHSAA 2A Wrestling State Tournament
Final Placements
106 Lb.
1st Place – Lawson Vang of Bunker Hill
2nd Place – Jared Thomas of Morehead
3rd Place – Andy Saine of West Lincoln
4th Place – Carter Duhon of Southwest Onslow
5th Place – Kaden Shoup of Burns
6th Place – Jose Pina-Velasquez of Forbush
113 Lb.
1st Place – Sumter Horton of R-S Central
2nd Place – Riley Shaw of West Wilkes
3rd Place – Trent Almond of Mount Pleasant
4th Place – Spencer May of Trinity
5th Place – Isaiah Pittman of Newton-Conover
6th Place – Layne Armstrong of Seaforth
120 Lb.
1st Place – Rayshun James of Reidsville
2nd Place – Raul Hernandez of Bunker Hill
3rd Place – Camden Spencer of Newton-Conover
4th Place – Zeke Grabowski of Owen
5th Place – Boedi Kirkland of Bandys
6th Place – Edwin Pozo of Forbush
126 Lb.
1st Place – David McEachern of Mount Pleasant
2nd Place – Chade Norman of West Lincoln
3rd Place – Joey Levix of Bandys
4th Place – Matthew Helms of West Stokes
5th Place – Isaac Campbell of Washington
6th Place – Scottie Spencer of Bunn
132 Lb.
1st Place – Bryson Burkett of Bandys
2nd Place – Connor Goodman of Jay M. Robinson
3rd Place – Landon Neal of West Stokes
4th Place – Luke Heavner of West Lincoln
5th Place – Walker Bell of West Craven
6th Place – Caleb Cox of R-S Central
138 Lb.
1st Place – David Makupson of Trinity
2nd Place – Will Nix of Bandys
3rd Place – Shane Hatfield of East Carteret
4th Place – Walker Mains of Hendersonville
5th Place – Rakeem Smith of West Caldwell
6th Place – Jayvion Perry of North Pitt
145 Lb.
1st Place – Jacob Price of Surry Central
2nd Place – Caleb Johnson-White of East Burke
3rd Place – Alex Betancourt of Bunker Hill
4th Place – Jaheim Hartsfield of Webb
5th Place – Quinlan Hunter of Lincolnton
6th Place – Wallace Bowser of Roanoke Rapids
152 Lb.
1st Place – Jeremiah Price of Surry Central
2nd Place – Dilan Patton of Patton
3rd Place – Jason Brawley of Newton-Conover
4th Place – Ephram Biggs of Morehead
5th Place – Mason Avery of West Lincoln
6th Place – Zachary Wall of Anson
160 Lb.
1st Place – Caleb Moore of Bandys
2nd Place – Brayden Guess of Bunker Hill
3rd Place – Julius Miller of Reidsville
4th Place – Josh White of Lincolnton
5th Place – Karson Crouse of Surry Central
6th Place – Patrick Goins of West Lincoln
170 Lb.
1st Place – Kyler Pickard of Mount Pleasant
2nd Place – Richard Post of R-S Central
3rd Place – Ian Moore of Bandys
4th Place – Jason Rodriguez, Jr. of Southwest Onslow
5th Place – Spencer Leclair of Surry Central
6th Place – Donta Davis of Bunker Hill
182 Lb.
1st Place – Raheem Jones of North Pitt
2nd Place – Eli Becker of East Surry
3rd Place – Brooks Freeman of Providence Grove
4th Place – Nicholas Harris of Webb
5th Place – Raydyn Brooks of Bandys
6th Place – Meliek Bryant of North Stanly
195 Lb.
1st Place – Owen Clark of Newton-Conover
2nd Place – James Calloway of Madison
3rd Place – Clay Sugg of Southwestern Randolph
4th Place – Daniel Villasenor of East Surry
5th Place – Luke Hurley of Forbush
6th Place – Brian Eley of Hertford County
220 Lb.
1st Place – Joseph Lioret-Tutty of Newton-Conover
2nd Place – Bryan Gordon of West Stokes
3rd Place – Chase Crayton of Mount Pleasant
4th Place – Reed Fugle of Salisbury
5th Place – Adam Massey of East Gaston
6th Place – Alex Kerns of Madison
285 Lb.
1st Place – Jaden Gaither of Salisbury
2nd Place – Jarek Stewart-Karolweics of Brevard
3rd Place – DJ Spring of Maiden
4th Place – Alex Roland of West Wilkes
5th Place – Robert Ward of Chase
6th Place – Colton Wood of Providence Grove

2022 NCHSAA 3A Wrestling State Tournament

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Championship Finals

106 Lb. – Samuel Aponte (Cape Fear, 32-3, So.) over Kane Bryson (Pisgah, 38-2, Fr.) by decision (Dec 11-9)
113 Lb. – Charlie Sly (Stuart Cramer, 48-3, Jr.) over Karter Floyd (Foard, 38-5, Fr.) by decision (Dec 3-1)
120 Lb. – Jackson Baglio (Central Cabarrus, 30-0, Jr.) over Connor Wishon (Ledford, 40-6, Sr.) by major decision (MD 15-5)
126 Lb. – Kyle Montaperto (Central Academy, 40-0, Sr.) over Parker Galliher (Statesville, 51-3, Sr.) by decision (Dec 6-1)
132 Lb. – Marcus Jackson (Central Cabarrus, 34-2, Sr.) over Elijah Harris (Central Academy, 32-8, Sr.) by major decision (MD 9-0)
138 Lb. – Jacob Cox (South Rowan, 36-0, Sr.) over Bray Trivette (North Iredell, 40-2, Fr.) by major decision (MD 13-4)
145 Lb. – Zack Karagias (Stuart Cramer, 31-1, Sr.) over Brock Carey (Foard, 42-5, Jr.) by decision (Dec 9-2)
152 Lb. – Calan Staub (Cape Fear, 34-4, Sr.) over Greyson Harris (Enka, 46-2, Sr.) by major decision (MD 8-0)
160 Lb. – Aiden Curry (Central Academy, 34-1, Sr.) over Zane Birtchet (Foard, 36-3, Jr.) by decision (Dec 5-3)
170 Lb. – Aiden McCafferty (Union Pines, 51-0, Sr.) over Cole Reynolds (West Carteret, 43-3, Sr.) by tech fall (TF-1.5 5:57 (16-0))
182 Lb. – Brady Ross (Central Academy, 39-1, Sr.) over Jaden Paul (Cape Fear, 17-4, Sr.) by decision (Dec 7-2)
195 Lb. – Jonathan Hance (Central Davidson, 42-3, Sr.) over Peyton Fisher (Kings Mountain, 36-8, Sr.) by decision (Dec 8-3)
220 Lb. – Dylan Smith (Foard, 46-1, Jr.) over Landon Sargent (Cape Fear, 36-4, So.) by decision (Dec 4-0)
285 Lb. – Cody Hardy (Parkwood, 34-3, Sr.) over Rory Johnson (North Buncombe, 32-1, Sr.) by decision (Dec 7-4)



2022 NCHSAA 3A Wrestling State Tournament
Final Placements
106 Lb.
1st Place – Samuel Aponte of Cape Fear
2nd Place – Kane Bryson of Pisgah
3rd Place – Daniel Graham of Southern Guilford
4th Place – Mateo Dias Ruiz of South Rowan
5th Place – Kyle Simpson of Parkwood
6th Place – Kaden Carptenter of North Gaston
113 Lb.
1st Place – Charlie Sly of Stuart Cramer
2nd Place – Karter Floyd of Foard
3rd Place – Caleb Haynes of North Gaston
4th Place – Xavier Santos of Asheboro
5th Place – Fernando Martinez of Cedar Ridge
6th Place – Skyler Oxford of West Carteret
120 Lb.
1st Place – Jackson Baglio of Central Cabarrus
2nd Place – Connor Wishon of Ledford
3rd Place – Brayden Mejia of Foard
4th Place – Damon Landreth of West Henderson
5th Place – Luke Heglar of East Rowan
6th Place – Kevin Obrein of West Rowan
126 Lb.
1st Place – Kyle Montaperto of Central Academy
2nd Place – Parker Galliher of Statesville
3rd Place – Jacob Perry of West Rowan
4th Place – Isaac Gawronski of Swansboro
5th Place – Shyne Wharry of Southern Durham
6th Place – Luc Young of Terry Sanford
132 Lb.
1st Place – Marcus Jackson of Central Cabarrus
2nd Place – Elijah Harris of Central Academy
3rd Place – Matt Karagias of Stuart Cramer
4th Place – Hunter Clark of Foard
5th Place – Ross Watts of Hibriten
6th Place – Henry Portella of North Henderson
138 Lb.
1st Place – Jacob Cox of South Rowan
2nd Place – Bray Trivette of North Iredell
3rd Place – Noah Tocaben of Enka
4th Place – Daniel Tierney of Concord
5th Place – Xander Hill of Pisgah
6th Place – Dawson Cody of Foard
145 Lb.
1st Place – Zack Karagias of Stuart Cramer
2nd Place – Brock Carey of Foard
3rd Place – Logan Fite of Central Academy
4th Place – Ian Murdock of North Davidson
5th Place – Stone Shapiro of North Buncombe
6th Place – Ryan Fisher of Currituck
152 Lb.
1st Place – Calan Staub of Cape Fear
2nd Place – Greyson Harris of Enka
3rd Place – Conner Weaver of Foard
4th Place – Connor Ligett of Carrboro
5th Place – Caleb Simpson of Parkwood
6th Place – Colin Lutz of Central Academy
160 Lb. 
1st Place – Aiden Curry of Central Academy
2nd Place – Zane Birtchet of Foard
3rd Place – Matthew Peterson of Ashe County
4th Place – Drake Egan of Croatan
5th Place – Elijah Antis of Ashbrook
6th Place – Luke Lambeth of Asheboro
170 Lb.
1st Place – Aiden McCafferty of Union Pines
2nd Place – Cole Reynolds of West Carteret
3rd Place – Joseph Plyler of North Lincoln
4th Place – Tucker Marshall of East Henderson
5th Place – Demarcus Carroll of Douglas Byrd
6th Place – Salif Conneh of Eastern Guilford
182 Lb.
1st Place – Brady Ross of Central Academy
2nd Place – Jaden Paul of Cape Fear
3rd Place – Logan Lambeth of Asheboro
4th Place – Jose Zambrano of Harnett Central
5th Place – Bryston Desousa of Dixon
6th Place – Nicholas Mascolino of Union Pines
195 Lb.
1st Place – Jonathan Hance of Central Davidson
2nd Place – Peyton Fisher of Kings Mountain
3rd Place – Milosz Gargol of First Flight
4th Place – Colby Mace of Foard
5th Place – Isaac Jennings of Franklin
6th Place – Donvavan Frederick of Seventy-First
220 Lb.
1st Place – Dylan Smith of Foard
2nd Place – Landon Sargent of Cape Fear
3rd Place – Karin Sein of Eastern Guilford
4th Place – Lance Deane of Havelock
5th Place – Garrett Frazier of South Brunswick
6th Place – Eddie Flores of North Iredell
285 Lb.
1st Place – Cody Hardy of Parkwood
2nd Place – Rory Johnson of North Buncombe
3rd Place – Jamier Ferere of Southern Guilford
4th Place – Christian Hercules of West Rowan
5th Place – Giovanni Bernal of Hunter Huss
6th Place – Trevquan Gary of Person



2022 NCHSAA 4A Wrestling State Tournament
Saturday, February 19, 2022
Championship Finals
106 Lb. –Noah Cauble (Piedmont, 45-6, Jr.) over Jackson Rowling (Hough, 39-2, Fr.) by decision (Dec 5-0)
113 Lb. –Cameron Stinson (Mallard Creek, 46-0, So.) over Cooper Davis (Cox Mill, 33-5, So.) by decision (Dec 6-2)
120 Lb. –Noah Luna (Providence,34-1, Jr.) over Matt Rowland (Pinecrest, 37-1, Sr.) by decision (Dec 5-1)
126 Lb. –Mark Samuel (Laney, 39-0, Sr.) over Hunter Gundry (Cardinal Gibbons, 18-3, Jr.) by fall (Fall 2:46)
132 Lb. – Eli Murray (Lake Norman, 48-7, So.) over Brandt Fajerman (Hough, 42-3, Jr.) by decision (Dec 7-4)
138 Lb. –Tyler Tracy (Cardinal Gibbons, 42-2, Jr.) over Avery Buonocore (Laney, 23-5, Jr.) by decision (Dec 9-5)
145 Lb. –Jacob Woodburn (Page, 29-0, Sr.) over Greg Merriman (Mooresville, 46-4, Jr.) by decision (Dec 7-2)
152 Lb. –Drew Pepin (Northwest Guilford, 45-2, Jr.) over Davis Freeze (Mooresville, 41-4, Jr.) by deicsion (Dec 6-2)
160 Lb. –Jayden Dobeck (Pinecrest, 32-1, Jr.) over Elijah Brown (A.C. Reynolds, 45-1, Jr.) by decision (Dec 5-3)
170 Lb. –Alex Hopper (Laney, 44-2, Jr.) over Tomas Brooker (Hickory Ridge, 51-4, Jr.) by fall (Fall 3:40)
182 Lb. –Devon Bell (Laney, 37-0, Sr.) over Gavin Hartsell (A.L. Brown, 32-6, Sr.) by fall (Fall 1:07)
195 Lb. –Caleb Beaty (Corinth Holders, 19-0, Jr.) over Sam Cowher (Cox Mill, 36-3, Jr.) by decision (Dec 3-0)
220 Lb. –Nathan Carnes (Porter Ridge, 40-4, Jr.) over Sakarri Morrison (Lake Norman, 38-7, Sr.) by decision (Dec 9-4)
285 Lb. –Carson Floyd (Lake Norman, 49-3, Sr.) over Rylan Vann (Cary, 24-2, Sr.) by decision (Dec 2-1)

2022 NCHSAA 4A Wrestling State Tournament
Final Placements
106 Lb.
1st Place – Noah Cauble of Piedmont
2nd Place – Jackson Rowling of Hough
3rd Place – Bradley Yokum of Ragsdale
4th Place – Tyler Watt of Wake Forest
5th Place – Daniel Dickerson of Riverside-Durham
6th Place – Grant McCord of Grimsley
113 Lb.
1st Place – Cameron Stinson of Mallard Creek
2nd Place – Cooper Davis of Cox Mill
3rd Place – Liam Hickey of Cardinal Gibbons
4th Place – Eli Pendergrass of Northwest Guilford
5th Place – Joey Bruscino of Southeast Guilford
6th Place – Joseph Baisley of Charlotte Catholic
120 Lb.
1st Place – Noah Luna of Providence
2nd Place – Matt Rowland of Pinecrest
3rd Place – Trevor Freeman of A.L. Brown
4th Place – Ian Fritz of Topsail
5th Place – Cael Bergquist of Heritage
6th Place – Isaiah Wilson of Glenn
126 Lb.
1st Place – Mark Samuel of Laney
2nd Place – Hunter Gundry of Cardinal Gibbons
3rd Place – Luke Fogleman of Riverside-Durham
4th Place – Jackson Ealy of Green Hope
5th Place – Hunter Jones of Hickory Ridge
6th Place – Dylan Pepin of Northwest Guilford
132 Lb.
1st Place – Eli Murray of Lake Norman
2nd Place – Brandt Fajerman of Hough
3rd Place – Luke Kunath of Cardinal Gibbons
4th Place – Ethan Blevins of Topsail
5th Place – Frank Bianco of Rolesville
6th Place – Richard Williams of Gray`s Creek
138 Lb.
1st Place – Tyler Tracy of Cardinal Gibbons
2nd Place – Avery Buonocore of Laney
3rd Place – Jt Richards of Lake Norman
4th Place – Samson Sokolski of Mooresville
5th Place – Jaylon Pemberton of Hickory Ridge
6th Place – Landen Nelson of Hoke County
145 Lb.
1st Place – Jacob Woodburn of Page
2nd Place – Greg Merriman of Mooresville
3rd Place – Luke Rider of Holly Springs
4th Place – Patrick Iacoves of Lake Norman
5th Place – Isaiah Williams of Apex
6th Place – Noah Thomas of Laney
152 Lb.
1st Place – Drew Pepin of Northwest Guilford
2nd Place – Davis Freeze of Mooresville
3rd Place – Jackson Buck of Lumberton
4th Place – Collin Bailey of Davie
5th Place – Cedric Griffin, Jr. of Hoke County
6th Place – Jeffrey Hoelscher of South Mecklenburg
160 Lb.
1st Place – Jayden Dobeck of Pinecrest
2nd Place – Elijah Brown of A.C. Reynolds
3rd Place – Owen Harshbarger of Laney
4th Place – Garrett Benfield of Northern Guilford
5th Place – Michael Quinones of East Forsyth
6th Place – William Melton of Clayton
170 Lb.
1st Place – Alex Hopper of Laney
2nd Place – Tomas Brooker of Hickory Ridge
3rd Place – Sam Grena of Cary
4th Place – Jack Jarvis of Davie
5th Place – Alexander Gunning of Chapel Hill
6th Place – Roman Garofola of Northern Guilford
182 Lb.
1st Place – Devon Bell of Laney
2nd Place – Gavin Hartsell of A.L. Brown
3rd Place – Hunter Testa of Davie
4th Place – Robert Hyder of Pinecrest
5th Place – Alexander Jones of South Mecklenburg
6th Place – Austin Roberts of Fuquay-Varina
195 Lb.
1st Place – Caleb Beaty of Corinth Holders
2nd Place – Sam Cowher of Cox Mill
3rd Place – Jacob Green of Pine Forest
4th Place – Aidan Meagher of West Forsyth
5th Place – Quintez Shipman of Lumberton
6th Place – Pierce White of Hoggard
220 Lb.
1st Place – Nathan Carnes of Porter Ridge
2nd Place – Sakarri Morrison of Lake Norman
3rd Place – Will Brock of Pinecrest
4th Place – Bryce Gadson of Cox Mill
5th Place – Darius Ward of Hough
6th Place – Trystan Richardson of Laney
285 Lb.
1st Place – Carson Floyd of Lake Norman
2nd Place – Rylan Vann of Cary
3rd Place – Taevion Cox of New Bern
4th Place – Chase Godwin of Pinecrest
5th Place – David Eldridge of West Forsyth
6th Place – John Domencic of Green Hope