North Carolina High School Athletic Association

2006 Baseball Championship Series Program Corrections

An error was made in some of the 2006 Baseball Championship Series Programs. Here is a corrected list of the coaching staff for each school:


Chatham Central

Head Coach: Bill Slaughter

Assistants: Matthew Cox, Derrick Scott and Matt LaRue

Managers: Tyler and Lauren Slaughter

Statisticians: Whitney Wicker and Brittany Smith

West Columbus

Head Coach: Ricky Young

Assistants: Keith Ransom, Eddie Beck and Chris Nance

Statisticians: Shirley McClerey


North Lenior

Head Coach: Jim Montague

Assistants: CC Tilghman and John Eric Waters


Head Coach: Jack Moss

Assistants: Jamie Williard, Ryan McClannon, Taylor Rutledge, Jerome Cannon

Managers: Kristen Casstevens, Marianne Goins and CC Fox


D H Conley

Head Coach: Jason Mills

Assistants: Brad Johnson, Reid Bullock and Travis White

Managers: Erin Worley


Head Coach: Donnie Maness

Assistants: Chris Maness and Everette Hancock

Statisticians: Donnie Maness Sr.


Scotland County

Head Coach: Tommy Britt

Assistants: Gary Barfield, Steve Litchford, Mike Sellers, Allen Adeimy

Managers: Josh Owens

Statisticians: David Bounds

Trainer: Zack McNeill

South Caldwell

Head Coach: Jeff Parham

Assistants: Davie Edwards, Kenny Ellison, Chris Penley

Managers: Scott Parham

Statisticians: Ray Parham

Bat Boys: Cage Parham and Tanner Parham

We apologize for the error.