Financial Information

The NCHSAA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation generating funds to promote and direct interscholastic athletics for its member schools and to provide opportunities for North Carolina student-athletes. The main sources of revenue for the NCHSAA annual operating budget come from revenue shares in playoff/championship contests, corporate support, membership dues, and officials' registration. The NCHSAA does not receive revenue from member schools' regular season contests or direct tax funding, or North Carolina state revenue.


2022-2023 Approved Operating Budget 


Endowment Fund


2021-2022 Year-end Distribution to Schools - includes General Endowment Fund and Ed/Health & Safety Endowment Fund plus year-end travel reimbursement for individual sport participation

          Year-End Endowment Distribution Information

2020-2021 Endowment Distribution by School (PDF)

Year-End Endowment Distribution Information

Year-End Distribution by School (PDF)

Covid-19 Athletic Program Subsidy (CAPS) Initiative Information

CAPS Distribution by School (PDF)


Endowment Advisory Committee members:

Region 1: Ron Butler, Pitt County Schools | Athletic Director

Region 2: Brett Queen, Hoggard High School | Coach

Region 3: TBD

Region 3: Amy Green, Durham School of the Arts | Athletic Director/Coach

Regions 4, 5: Bill Harrison | Retired Superintendent

Region 6: Stephanie Wilkerson, Olympic High School | Athletic Director

Region 7: Jeff Wallace, Davie County Schools | Superintendent

Region 8: Doris Sellers | Retired Principal

Region 8: Bobby Wilkins, Hendersonville High School | Principal and Past-President


Endowment Fund Spending Policy (PDF)


IRS 990s

2021-2022 990

2020-2021 990 

NCHSAA 990 Data Summary

Note: "Other expenditures for facilities/programs" line includes education-based grants, year-end endowment interest distributions to member schools, student scholarships, and administrative awards plus the $4 million CAPS provided in 2020-2021; Data comes from official 990 forms; 990s for years before 2021-22 can be found on website)


Financial Statements

Audited Financial Statement 2021-2022

Audited Financial Statement 2020-2021

Audited Financial Statement 2019-2020

Audited Financial Statement 2018-2019