Regulations, Fees and Other FAQs

Officiating Registration Fees

  • Football $46.00
  • Soccer $36.00
  • Volleyball $36.00
  • Basketball $46.00
  • Swimming $26.00
  • Wrestling $46.00
  • Baseball $36.00
  • Softball $36.00
  • Track $26.00
  • Men’s Lacrosse $26.00
  • Women’s Lacrosse $26.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start officiating? 

  1.  The first step is to register online. Click on the New Officials Information attachment (below) and follow the steps. Then pay via credit card online or mail in a check and, or money order for the appropriate amount as dictated by site. You will then receive a set of rulebooks soon after. 
  2. Following registration with the NCHSAA, you will need to register with your local regional supervisor. All contact information for regional supervisor is available on the website. 
  3. Attend the state rules clinic and take the state exam. Dates and locations of the clinic and exam are available on our site. You will also need to attend your local association's clinics – your regional supervisor will make you aware of these dates and times.

Q: I'm a new official – do I have to pay a late fee?
A: No. We have eliminated late registration fees for new officials.  Returning officials must pay a $25 late fee if registering past the individual sport deadline.

Q: I already registered for a sport, but I would like to add a new sport. Do I need to pay the insurance fee again?
A: No. You only pay the insurance fee one time per year, no matter how many sports you choose to officiate.

Q: I have my own insurance, why do I have to pay the $21?
A: It is mandatory that you pay the insurance, regardless of your coverage. This is not only a $1 million liability coverage plan, but it also covers catastrophic injury up to $1 million. 

Q: I missed the deadline – can I still register?
A: No. Unfortunately, we rarely allow registrations after the deadline. This is to make sure that all officials have books, attend clinics and take exams prior to the start of the season.

Q: Can I register with two Regional Supervisors?
A: No, we only allow officials to use one Regional Supervisor per sport. Officials are independent contractors and may register with the Regional Supervisor/local officials' association of their choice each year.

Q: Do I have to take the exam?
A: Yes. We require that the exam be taken every year.  You must register for an account at, and take the exam at this site during the open testing window.  You must take the exam, and make 75% or above to continue officiating in our program for the sport season.

Q: How can I get extra books?
A: You can order extra rulebooks through our office. They are $7 each, and are distributed as available after all officials have received their rulebooks. They are available through the officiating department. Rulebooks are also available through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) contact at 1-800-776-3462 or order online at

Q: Where do I get my uniform?

A: Uniforms are available through the official NCHSAA vendor geaRef.  Click below to visit online. 




Officiating General Information


Class 1 or 2 official are eligible to officiate in an NCHSAA playoff game, provided the official has taken the current exam, scored 80 or above, and attended the current year's state clinic.


When appealing an examination score you have 5 days from the test end date to appeal. When making an appeal you must list the specific questions with rule references and email the missed question to Mark. The appeal MUST BE IN EMAIL FORM. An appeal WILL NOT be accepted unless there is due cause to issue a grade change.


As of 2009, there are no longer emergency examinations.  You must complete your online exam during the 5-day window provided by the NCHSAA office.  If you do not take the exam, or make less than a 75, you are ineligible to officiate varsity and jv games for the remainder of that sport season.


Each Association is responsible for determining the criteria for a mark-off system. A mark-off system is optional NOT mandatory.


The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Board of Directors highly recommend that each official has a physical examination prior to the start of their regular sports season.


Schools must provide the officials with an escort to the dressing room in football, basketball and soccer. Failure to do so will result in a warning, then a monetary fine. Officials must report to the NCHSAA if a school fails to provide the mandatory escort.

Officials Ranking Classification

NCHSAA approved regional supervisors have met all requirements set by the NCHSAA to maintain a class one status.


There is no longer inactive status provided by the NCHSAA. Since we have transitioned to current year's promotional points for playoff classification purposes, the inactive status no longer has any applicable bearing.