Transfer Certification

Transfer Certification in Home Campus

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Basis for Request

  • Special Curricular Needs:  The student was unable to obtain in his or her regularly assigned school those especially needed courses of study or programs necessary to pursue specialized educational or career goals.  The basis is more than just a different class, it must be a program or program of courses that are not offered at the student’s previous member school. 
  • Documented Medical Needs: Professional opinion that the student’s mental, emotional or physical health would be adversely affected by the student’s attendance at his or her regularly assigned school.
  • Student’s parent/legal custodian is a permanently assigned employee of another school system: The student’s parent or legal custodian is a permanently assigned employee of the receiving member school or system, and that the receiving member school would be the school assigned to the student if his or her parent or legal custodian resided at the parent or legal custodian’s work location in the school or system.  The basis is the student’s parent or legal custodian is a permanently assigned employee, not a temporary, volunteer or lay employee or coach. 
  • Family/student childcare needs:  Childcare needs that necessitate a transfer to avoid a serious and continuing hardship. 
  • Documented Safety Issues:  Unsafe environment at his or her regularly assigned school that makes continued attendance unsafe. 
  • Federal or State mandated transfers: A transfer made pursuant to the Unsafe School Choice or School Improvement Choice Transfer under the No Child Left Behind Act, the Transfer of Homeless Students as provided in 42 U.S.C. 11431 et. seq., or any other applicable federal or state law allowing a similar right to transfer.
  • Other Serious and Continuing Hardship: A serious and continuing hardship, which cannot reasonably be eliminated or reduced by means other than a transfer from his or her regularly assigned school. 

Refer to the flowchart for process steps.

Before beginning a transfer request, the following information will be necessary to complete this process.

  • Student transcript, E1/W1 Power School in one PDF document
  • List of any previously attended schools with enrollment and withdrawal dates

The online form cannot be saved, so all information must be entered at once.



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