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NCHSAA Cheer Invitational May 22, 2021

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Philosophy of Cheerleading

Cheerleaders serve as a support group for the different interscholastic athletic teams within their schools. Cheerleaders should always strive to improve student morale, boost team spirit, and help a school achieve the most worthwhile objectives in its interscholastic program.

The positive crowd and student body involvement, directed by the cheerleading squad in support of the school team, should be a major goal.

Cheerleading is an activity that comes under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association in two areas – eligibility and safety guidelines. All information pertaining to cheerleading should be found in this section of the Handbook. Spirit rulebooks are sent to head varsity coaches. Cheerleaders, both junior varsity and varsity, must have their eligibility certified in the same manner as other interscholastic athletes. In addition, the Board of Directors has approved theNational Federation of State High School Associations Spirit Rules. Rules have been recommended to each local educational agency for implementation and adoption.

Regulations and Resources: 

2020-2021 NCHSAA Handbook- Rules and Regulations
2020-2021 NFHS Spirit Updates and Reminders

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