Who Should Register?

Each individual that plans to officiate high school games on the Junior Varsity and Varsity levels in the sports of football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, wrestling, lacrosse, baseball, softball and/or track MUST register with the NCHSAA. Click here to register. Click here for more Arbiter information.

Individuals planning to officiate junior high school and/or middle school level games are STRONGLY encouraged to register with the NCHSAA as well.

Registration Deadlines

If you are interested in becoming an official with the NCHSAA, you must meet the registration deadlines for each season.

FALL (Football, Volleyball, and Soccer): June 15

Swimming - November 15

WINTER (Basketball, Wrestling): October 21 at 5 pm

SPRING (Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse): December 15

  1. You MUST contact the local regional supervisor for your sport and inform them that you are in the process of registering the NCHSAA and register with them as well. They will be able to give you local information regarding local clinics and meetings.
  2. If you have officiating experience from another state, contact that Association and have them send your records via email or by mail. The NCHSAA will then be able to give you credit for your years of Varsity experience.

    Email to:
    Mail to: NCHSAA
    PO Box 3216
    Chapel Hill, NC 27515

  3. The NCHSAA reserves the right to deny, suspend or revoke any official's registration. The NCHSAA does not guarantee any game assignments. Each official is an independent contractor, and each assignment is under the discretion of the regional supervisor.

Arbiter Links:

Have questions about setting up an Arbiter account? Visit the Officials Education page