NFHS Network FAQs

What does this mean for you, the fan?

It means that for the cost of a subscription, you can have access straight to your computer, smartphone, tablet, or connected devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and Google TV to watch thousands of high school events across the country, including the State Championships in North Carolina!


Subscription rates range from $10.99 for a monthly subscription to $69.99 annual pass.


All on-demand events are available for free to anyone with a registered username and password 72 hours after the event is complete. Some events broadcast on the Network are archived for access at any time, and some postseason events are available to purchase in the form of a digital copy.

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Where does the content on the NFHS Network come from?

Great question! The content on the NFHS Network is either through automated or manual production. The manual production is often produced by local high school students through a broadcasting class or club. The NFHS Network provides the students with online tools and a simple software platform to produce and stream their own broadcasts.


Learn More About Manual Production


Content through automated production is through Pixellot. Pixellot and the NFHS Network offer a hardware and software solution that enables automated live event production. The best part is that is is completely free to schools!


Learn More About Automated Production

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My school doesn’t have a School Broadcast Program or participate in the Network; what can I do?

The NFHS Network has a great page on their website for schools to start a School Broadcast Program. You can find the link here.


The platform allows live streaming and on-demand viewing of a participating school’s broadcast events. Schools can produce most anything they like on the Network! Many not only include athletic events but graduations, band, and cheer events, as well as other school events.


Ask your school to look at the educational, community, and financial benefits of getting involved in the NFHS Network as a School Broadcast Program.  


The NFHS Network is now offering up to two free Pixellot systems to eligible high schools! To qualify, your high school must not have Pixellot systems already installed in your main basketball gym and football stadium, and your school must be a member of an NFHS-state high school association.


  • Completely automated system 
  • No crew required for filming or production
  • Covers all levels of play: Varsity, JV, and Freshman
  • Fans can watch games from anywhere
  • Live stream sports, graduations, award ceremonies, and other school events 
  • Generate revenue for your school

To learn more, contact

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How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel, go to My Account and use your username and password to access your account information on the Service. You can cancel any active subscriptions.  Please note, however, that subscription fees are fully earned upon payment and may not be canceled or refunded except as expressly permitted in the NFHS Network Terms of Use.

Customers can also contact the NFHS Network Customer Support HERE.