North Carolina High School Athletic Association

NFHS NETWORK | Back to School Release & Updates

The NFHS Network has recently released software updates in preparation for the ‘23-’24 School Year that improve picture quality and expand their team’s abilities to manage the Pixellot cameras proactively.

To receive these updates and provide the best viewing experience for your fans, please follow this quick checklist AT LEAST 2 WEEKS BEFORE your first event – this will allow them time to jointly test everything out and ensure you’re ready to stream:

  1. Verify Pixellot camera(s) are “Online” from your phone
    1. Go to (use your Console login information)
    2. Click the Pixellots tab at the bottom
    3. Under Status, it should say “SLEEP” or “LIVE” (if it says “OFFLINE” please click here for assistance)
  2. Run a Test Broadcast

    Go to

    • Run a test event on your Pixellot camera(s) (please click here for more help)
    • Turn on and plug in your scoreboard during the test event to ensure the score is properly displayed
    • Please let them know if you see any adjustments that need to be made
  3. Keep your Pixellot computers powered on and online 24/7, even on non-game days!

    Outdoor camera lenses may appear blurry or foggy upon first powering on the Pixellot. This is normal due to environmental factors like humidity, condensation, and temperature changes; this will clear up within 2-7 days, as long as the system stays continuously powered on and online.

    The NFHS Network will continue providing improvements throughout the year– your Pixellot will need to be online to receive them.

Ease at your fingertips! Use your phone to manage your Pixellot camera(s)

Looking for a bit more assistance? The NFHS Network you covered! Connect with the Support team here