2019 4A Individual Wrestling Tournament Wall of Champions

4A - 106 Pound Division

1st Place - Richard Treanor of Hough
2nd Place - Jacob Woodburn of Page
3rd Place - Jack Dillon of Ashley
4th Place - Matthew Rowland of Pinecrest
5th Place - Mark Samuel of Laney
6th Place - Samson Sokolski of Mooresville
1st Place Match
Richard Treanor (Hough, 43-0, So.) over Jacob Woodburn (Page, 27-5, Fr.) (Dec 4-2)
3rd Place Match
Jack Dillon (Ashley, 34-5, So.) over Matthew Rowland (Pinecrest, 47-7, Fr.) (Dec 5-1)
5th Place Match
Mark Samuel (Laney, 45-4, Fr.) over Samson Sokolski (Mooresville, 26-7, Fr.) (Dec 8-3)

4A - 113 Pound Division

1st Place - Mike Dalton of West Forsyth
2nd Place - Richie Rizzuto of Leesville Road
3rd Place - Kaiden Fisher of Lake Norman
4th Place - Riley Edwards of Northwest Guilford
5th Place - Will Saby of Millbrook
6th Place - Evan Kite of Laney
1st Place Match
Mike Dalton (West Forsyth, 8-0, Jr.) over Richie Rizzuto (Leesville Road, 52-7, Jr.) (Dec 3-2)
3rd Place Match
Kaiden Fisher (Lake Norman, 47-8, Jr.) over Riley Edwards (Northwest Guilford, 45-4, So.) (Dec 9-7)
5th Place Match
Will Saby (Millbrook, 41-4, Jr.) over Evan Kite (Laney, 33-18, Jr.) (Dec 7-2)

4A - 120 Pound Division

1st Place - Kobe Early of Cary
2nd Place - Will Edmiston of Lake Norman
3rd Place - Ahmad Smith of Ragsdale
4th Place - James Joplin of Northwest Guilford
5th Place - Michael Pappaconstantinou of Wake Forest
6th Place - Kevin Wanovich of Jack Britt
1st Place Match
Kobe Early (Cary, 47-0, Jr.) over Will Edmiston (Lake Norman, 14-1, Sr.) (Dec 4-3)
3rd Place Match
Ahmad Smith (Ragsdale, 41-6, Jr.) over James Joplin (Northwest Guilford, 38-5, So.) (Dec 4-3)
5th Place Match
Michael Pappaconstantinou (Wake Forest, 45-4, Sr.) over Kevin Wanovich (Jack Britt, 26-8, Sr.) (Fall 4:55)

4A - 126 Pound Division

1st Place - Jaxon Maroney of Cardinal Gibbons
2nd Place - Issac Toe of High Point Central
3rd Place - Sam Westmoreland of Hough
4th Place - Benjamin Lance of Wake Forest
5th Place - Tobias Finn of McDowell
6th Place - Seth Thomas of Laney
1st Place Match
Jaxon Maroney (Cardinal Gibbons, 35-1, Jr.) over Issac Toe (High Point Central, 44-4, Sr.) (Dec 6-3)
3rd Place Match
Sam Westmoreland (Hough, 41-11, Sr.) over Benjamin Lance (Wake Forest, 49-8, So.) (Dec 6-2)
5th Place Match
Tobias Finn (McDowell, 44-13, So.) over Seth Thomas (Laney, 41-8, Jr.) (For.)

4A - 132 Pound Division

1st Place - Nigel Freeman of Ragsdale
2nd Place - Yakemiean Johnson of Lumberton
3rd Place - Trey Dal Pizzol of Cardinal Gibbons
4th Place - Jalen Adams of Riverside-Durham
5th Place - Nick Pepe of Hough
6th Place - Dylan Wilman of Rolesville
1st Place Match
Nigel Freeman (Ragsdale, 46-7, Sr.) over Yakemiean Johnson (Lumberton, 31-3, Sr.) (Fall 5:20)
3rd Place Match
Trey Dal Pizzol (Cardinal Gibbons, 43-13, Sr.) over Jalen Adams (Riverside-Durham, 36-10, Sr.) (Dec 8-5)
5th Place Match
Nick Pepe (Hough, 34-14, Sr.) over Dylan Wilman (Rolesville, 44-8, Sr.) (Fall 3:54)

4A - 138 Pound Division

1st Place - Isaac Shaw of Mooresville
2nd Place - Drew Dickson of Porter Ridge
3rd Place - Marcus Mondragon of Laney
4th Place - William Valade of Glenn
5th Place - Noah Williams of Apex
6th Place - Ryan Sklar of Myers Park
1st Place Match
Isaac Shaw (Mooresville, 42-1, Jr.) over Drew Dickson (Porter Ridge, 54-6, Sr.) (Dec 3-1)
3rd Place Match
Marcus Mondragon (Laney, 48-4, Jr.) over William Valade (Glenn, 39-9, Sr.) (Fall 2:51)
5th Place Match
Noah Williams (Apex, 35-8, So.) over Ryan Sklar (Myers Park, 26-15, Jr.) (Dec 4-1)

4A - 145 Pound Division

1st Place - Silas Shaw of Mooresville
2nd Place - Kai Paxton-Lee of Middle Creek
3rd Place - Isaiah Willett of Wakefield
4th Place - Parker Corwin of Pinecrest
5th Place - Finn Queen of Northwest Guilford
6th Place - Tremaine Jackson of South View
1st Place Match
Silas Shaw (Mooresville, 50-0, Sr.) over Kai Paxton-Lee (Middle Creek, 49-4, Jr.) (MD 17-4)
3rd Place Match
Isaiah Willett (Wakefield, 44-4, Sr.) over Parker Corwin (Pinecrest, 50-6, Sr.) (Dec 4-1)
5th Place Match
Finn Queen (Northwest Guilford, 42-13, Sr.) over Tremaine Jackson (South View, 40-14, Sr.) (Dec 7-5)

4A - 152 Pound Division

1st Place - Isaac Byers of Mooresville
2nd Place - Connor Wrought of New Bern
3rd Place - Andrew Doss of Corinth Holders
4th Place - Dustin Herman of South Caldwell
5th Place - Luke Kucko of Hough
6th Place - Joseph Coble of Porter Ridge
1st Place Match
Isaac Byers (Mooresville, 40-3, Sr.) over Connor Wrought (New Bern, 51-4, Sr.) (Dec 3-1)
3rd Place Match
Andrew Doss (Corinth Holders, 21-5, So.) over Dustin Herman (South Caldwell, 48-6, Sr.) (Dec 6-4)
5th Place Match
Luke Kucko (Hough, 44-9, Sr.) over Joseph Coble (Porter Ridge, 37-15, Sr.) (Dec 6-0)

4A - 160 Pound Division

1st Place - Jordan Norman of Mallard Creek
2nd Place - Chris Jones of Middle Creek
3rd Place - Michael Goins of Mooresville
4th Place - Wesley Alexander of Cary
5th Place - Jacob Polansky of Leesville Road
6th Place - Denzel Carrucini of Jack Britt
1st Place Match
Jordan Norman (Mallard Creek, 53-5, Sr.) over Chris Jones (Middle Creek, 48-6, Jr.) (Dec 10-3)
3rd Place Match
Michael Goins (Mooresville, 37-5, Sr.) over Wesley Alexander (Cary, 44-7, Sr.) (Fall 2:41)
5th Place Match
Jacob Polansky (Leesville Road, 55-10, Jr.) over Denzel Carrucini (Jack Britt, 34-12, Jr.) (Fall 1:57)

4A - 170 Pound Division

1st Place - Kaleb Wright of Broughton
2nd Place - Cael Willis of Laney
3rd Place - Ryan Wolfram of Cary
4th Place - Success Odoemena of Rocky River
5th Place - Brandon Smith of Middle Creek
6th Place - Dilyn Roudesbush of Mooresville
1st Place Match
Kaleb Wright (Broughton, 31-5, Sr.) over Cael Willis (Laney, 48-5, Sr.) (Dec 6-2)
3rd Place Match
Ryan Wolfram (Cary, 46-2, Jr.) over Success Odoemena (Rocky River, 32-4, Sr.) (Fall 4:27)
5th Place Match
Brandon Smith (Middle Creek, 39-10, Sr.) over Dilyn Roudesbush (Mooresville, 33-11, Jr.) (Dec 8-3)

4A - 182 Pound Division

1st Place - Chris Garrison of Northwest Guilford
2nd Place - Shylik Scriven of Athens Drive
3rd Place - Holden Cypher of Millbrook
4th Place - Matt King of Davie
5th Place - Marvin Rich of Mallard Creek
6th Place - Gianmarco Price of Myers Park
1st Place Match
Chris Garrison (Northwest Guilford, 28-0, Sr.) over Shylik Scriven (Athens Drive, 31-3, Sr.) (Fall 1:14)
3rd Place Match
Holden Cypher (Millbrook, 55-2, So.) over Matt King (Davie, 46-8, Sr.) (Fall 3:59)
5th Place Match
Marvin Rich (Mallard Creek, 48-7, Sr.) over Gianmarco Price (Myers Park, 35-13, Sr.) (TF-1.5 3:00 (17-0))

4A - 195 Pound Division

1st Place - Nathan Dugan of Lake Norman
2nd Place - Erick Martinez of Jack Britt
3rd Place - Bobby James of Rolesville
4th Place - Jatavian Hart of Riverside-Durham
5th Place - Cameron Blizard of Ragsdale
6th Place - Eric Hudson of West Mecklenburg
1st Place Match
Nathan Dugan (Lake Norman, 53-4, Sr.) over Erick Martinez (Jack Britt, 33-4, Sr.) (Fall 3:54)
3rd Place Match
Bobby James (Rolesville, 40-3, Sr.) over Jatavian Hart (Riverside-Durham, 40-6, Sr.) (Fall 3:57)
5th Place Match
Cameron Blizard (Ragsdale, 46-5, Sr.) over Eric Hudson (West Mecklenburg, 35-7, Sr.) (For.)

4A - 220 Pound Division

1st Place - Jalen Brooks of Cardinal Gibbons
2nd Place - Jesus Olmedo of Davie
3rd Place - Jerell Belcher of South Central
4th Place - John Jimenez of Mooresville
5th Place - Ishmael Williams of Ardrey Kell
6th Place - Raymond Jones of East Mecklenburg
1st Place Match
Jalen Brooks (Cardinal Gibbons, 42-0, Sr.) over Jesus Olmedo (Davie, 51-1, Sr.) (Dec 6-2)
3rd Place Match
Jerell Belcher (South Central, 53-2, Sr.) over John Jimenez (Mooresville, 27-7, Sr.) (Dec 8-3)
5th Place Match
Ishmael Williams (Ardrey Kell, 42-5, Sr.) over Raymond Jones (East Mecklenburg, 40-10, Sr.) (Fall 2:38)

4A - 285 Pound Division

1st Place - Davin Vann of Cary
2nd Place - Tray Regan of Lumberton
3rd Place - Andy Flores of Davie
4th Place - Corey Moses of East Forsyth
5th Place - Jonathan Saravia-Martinez of Rolesville
6th Place - George Ayino of South Central
1st Place Match
Davin Vann (Cary, 34-2, Jr.) over Tray Regan (Lumberton, 57-5, Sr.) (Dec 4-3)
3rd Place Match
Andy Flores (Davie, 33-6, Sr.) over Corey Moses (East Forsyth, 28-6, Sr.) (Inj. 4:39)
5th Place Match
Jonathan Saravia-Martinez (Rolesville, 42-12, Jr.) over George Ayino (South Central, 43-16, Jr.) (SV-1 2-0)