NCHSAA set to host Mens Tennis Individual State Championships this weekend

NCHSAA set to host Men’s Tennis Individual State Championships this weekend

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association will host the individual Men’s Tennis State Championships across four classifications at four different sites beginning Friday, May 13 and concluding on Saturday, May 14 in both singles and doubles. Play will begin at 9:00 A.M. each day at the respective sites.

The format is a single elimination tournament for both singles and doubles play. Winner will advance by winning two out of three sets in both singles and doubles, with a 10-minute break after split sets. If a match is tied 6-6 in a set, the set tie-breaker is used (first to seven, win by 2).

On Friday, the 1A and 2A Championships will be held at Cary Tennis Park, located at 2727 Louis Stephens Rd. in Cary. On Friday the 1A Tournament will be on courts 3 through 10 at the Cary Tennis Park. Saturday the 1A is scheduled to move to Middle Creek Park on Courts 1 and 2. The park is located at 151 Park Ave. in Apex. On Friday the 2A Tournament will be contested on courts 15 through 30 before moving to courts 11 through 14 for Saturday’s finals. The entire 2A Tournament is scheduled for Cary Tennis Park.

The 3A Championships will be held at the Burlington Tennis Center located at 1402 Overbrook Road, in Burlington. While the 4A Championships will be held at Millbrook Exchange Park in Raleigh, located at 1905 Spring Forest Road.


1A Men’s Individual Tennis State Championship Singles First Round Draw

Jim Davis 22-1 (Riverside-Martin) vs. Hunt Harrison 23-5 (Mt. Airy)

Ryan Macy 18-1 (Elkin) vs. Christian Quick 12-4 (Voyager Academy)

Max Vicario 19-1 (Pine Lake Prep) vs. Joseph Fisher 13-2 (Raleigh Charter)

Chinna Baskaran 15-1 (Raleigh Charter) vs. Jacob Wenzel 10-2 (Comm. School of Davidson)


1A Men’s Individual Tennis State Championship Doubles First Round Draw

Harrison Tseng/Revant Birla 11-0 (Raleigh Charter) vs. Lance Dittrich/Adam Chinnasami 8-4 (Bishop McGuinness)

Spencer Dixon/Rusty Batten 22-1 (Albemarle) vs. Jordan Price/Lucas Parrish 13-4 (Rosewood)

Brian Forte/Alex Wrench 6-0 (Pine Lake Prep) vs. Octavio Palacios/Marco Borja 11-6 (East Columbus)

Brandon Wacaser/Arjun Juneja 7-1 (Raleigh Charter) vs. Harrison Morris/Gentry Williamson 6-1 (Mt. Airy)


2A Men’s Individual Tennis State Championship Singles First Round Draw

Jack Brady 16-0 (First Flight) vs. Thomas McCorkle 19-3 (Central Academy)

Ryen Reid 17-3 (Newton-Conover) vs. Nick Kuzma 12-1 (NCSSM)

Landon Church 22-1 (West Wilkes) vs. Drake Lanier 14-6 (East Duplin)

Zach Anderson 11-6 (Carrboro) vs. Kenji Price 13-2 (Shelby)

Depei Yu 11-0 (NCSSM) vs. James Mabry 12-3 (Shelby)

Brett Moore 18-5 (West Davidson) vs. Nailah Ortega 16-7 (Greene Central)

Joseph Schrader 14-0 (Brevard) vs. Andre Javen 12-6 (Carrboro)

Cole Bryant 17-3 (East Duplin) vs. Ethan Elliott (West Stokes)


2A Men’s Individual Tennis State Championship Doubles First Round Draw

Holt McKeithan/Ben McKeithan 14-2 (Washington) vs. Seth Whitley/Tyler Mills 9-7 (Forest Hills)

Vishal Naik/Mrinaj Janampalli 9-1 (NCSSM), BYE

Spencer Storey/David Derrick 21-1 (Salisbury) vs. Zach Pagnani/Mac Skillen 11-6 (Washington)

Ashvin Warrier/Tejas Dalvi 7-1 (NCSSM) vs. Aaron Hamm/Henry Cox 15-3 (Newton-Conover)

Brian Freiburghouse/Jason Wykoff 9-0 (Carrboro) vs. Will Clifton/Griffen Benfield 9-2 (Shelby)

Trey Speight/Austin Eudy 16-3 (West Stanly) vs. Mitchell Wright/John Guarino 12-1 (Croatan)

Liam Baer/Cameron Wilson 12-0 (Brevard), BYE

Koty Wojeski/Julian Quintero 15-1 (Kinston) vs. Hunter Jordan/Dakota Massucco 19-4 (Wilkes Central)


3A Men’s Individual Tennis State Championship Singles First Round Draw

Dylan Betancourt 19-3 (Cleveland) vs. Brandon Caldwell 15-4 (North Forsyth)

Zach Theodossiou 16-3 (Asheville) vs. Joseph McPherson 14-3 (Eastern Alamance)

George Lovitt 24-0 (Marvin Ridge) vs. James Brennan 15-6 (Swansboro)

Mark Fujino 14-4 (Northern Guilford) vs. Tanner Wike 13-2 (Pisgah)

Henry Lieberman 17-1 (Terry Sanford) vs. Jake Ugolini 15-2 (St. Stephens)

Austin Schepel 13-5 (Cuthbertson) vs. Sunny Sandhu 17-3 (Fike)

Charlie Schuls 17-0 (Forestview) vs. David Mirzoyan 14-5 (Chapel Hill)

Hudson Smith 15-7 (Topsail) vs. Nolan Martino 18-2 (Jay M. Robinson)


3A Men’s Individual Tennis State Championship Doubles First Round Draw

Tyler Brice/George Shannon 20-1 (Rocky Mount) vs. Liam Florian/Chris Graveline 13-5 (Marvin Ridge)

Holden Ballard/Destin Newfont 15-3 (North Buncombe) vs. Jared Weber/Jerry Cai 7-1 (Chapel Hill)

John Hatala/Avanish Madhavaram 7-0 (Marvin Ridge) vs. Grayson Adams/Brady Best 15-4 (Corinth Holders)

Jacob Blackman/Andrew Zahran 5-2 (Terry Sanford) vs. William Einfalt/Edgar Ellis 16-4 (Hickory)

Will Hart/Ben Williams 26-1 (Union Pines) vs. Jake Braswell/Levy Young 9-4 (Hibriten)

Jon-Anthony Thomas/Eric Whisnant (Western Guilford) vs. John Gilarmis/Michael Anders 9-3 (Fike)

Henry Kelso/Meade Olsen 9-2 (Asheville) vs. Colby Wilson/Will Buisson 10-8 (Northern Guilford)

Aaron Pennock/Alex Lewis 22-1 (West Carteret) vs. William Hatt/Nicholas Ulehla 8-4 (Weddington)


4A Men’s Individual Tennis State Championship Singles First Round Draw

Jaxon Wiley 21-1 (D.H. Conley) vs. Hugh Knapp 11-5 (Grimsley)

Grant Stuckey 17-2 (Charlotte Catholic) vs. Ben Wayand 8-5 (Green Hope)

Bennett Crane 13-0 (R.J. Reynolds), BYE

Andrew Pickens 13-4 (Panther Creek) vs. Fernando Martinez 15-1 (Hopewell)

Nick Stachowiak 23-0 (Middle Creek) vs. Mark Dillon 15-3 (Myers Park)

Kevin Huang 18-1 (East Chapel Hill) vs. Zack Taffer (Laney)

Ryan Jurist 9-0 (Lake Norman), BYE

Patrick Senior 14-3 (New Hanvoer) vs. Elijah Gregory 22-3 (Davie County)


4A Men’s Individual Tennis State Championship Doubles First Round Draw

Marshall Waren/Taylor Gaines 7-0 (New Hanover) vs. Aaron Pascua/Ethan Krager 5-4 (Grimsley)

Flynn Stover/Chris Williams 13-5 (Myers Park) vs. George Edwards/Rohit Ghotkar 9-2 (Green Hope)

Hardy Brown/Jack Oldis (Page) vs. Will Bahner/Caleb Easom 12-4 (Pinecrest)

Alex Kim/Donovan Lilov 18-2 (Panther Creek) vs. Ethan Scheper/Patrick Meehan 14-5 (Providence)

Blake Carter/Nico Grewe 10-0 (Wakefield) vs. Bobby Shore/Graham Basquin 10-4 (Ardrey Kell)

Tristan Smith/Huntley Allen 10-1 (R.J. Reynolds) vs. Holland Baynard/Miles Hirchak 10-3 (Hoggard)

Will Crane/Sean Wydra 13-2 (Hough) vs. Michael Ogundele/Rohan Chandrasekhar 10-4 (Enloe)

Lucas McLatchy/Westley Gaines 11-1 (New Hanover) vs. Mason Kolls/Henry Enochs (Page)