Media Credentials

2022-2023 Media Credentialing:

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Year-Long NCHSAA Credentials Media Outlet Form (No Deadline) 

Per the NCHSAA’s Media Policy and Procedures, “The issuance of all media credentials to NCHSAA events is at the sole discretion of the NCHSAA Staff. Submission of a credential request does not guarantee a representative a media credential.”

NCHSAA Criteria for Evaluation of Media Outlets

  1. To be approved, requesting outlets must be involved in the regular creation of original content involving NCHSAA member school athletic teams, coaches, and/or athletes. The outlet’s content and quality must demonstrate the necessity for credentialed access to NCHSAA events.
  2. To be approved, an outlet must have a regularly updated medium controlled wholly by the requesting entity outside of social media channels. This could include mediums such as but not limited to a website, magazine, newspaper, television show, radio show, game play-by-play. To be clear, a presence, regardless of size or scope, on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or other social platforms not above named does not meet the standard for a regularly updated medium controlled wholly by the requesting entity. 
  3. To be approved, an outlet must have an editor or individual in charge of managing the outlet's content, personnel, and assignments. The editor is responsible for communication with the Association on matters of credentialing. The editor is responsible for the behavior and screening of any persons who request NCHSAA events credentials. Misbehavior or failure to adhere to NCHSAA Policies and Procedures by a member of the media covering an NCHSAA event for an approved outlet will be counted against not only the individual in question but the credentialing outlet.
  4. An outlet’s coverage should demonstrate fair and balanced reporting on NCHSAA events to be approved. Approved outlets should seek to cover events positively, when possible, in a manner that enhances the NCHSAA’s mission to support and enrich students' educational experiences at NCHSAA member schools.
  5. An outlet must maintain good standing with the Association and its member schools to be approved. This means that the outlet has adhered to all applicable NCHSAA and Local media policies and procedures, adheres to high standards of ethical conduct for media and journalism, correcting any misinformation it published in error when requested, and has paid any applicable broadcast rights fees during the course of its coverage.

Special Provisions for Independent Photographers

  1. Independent Photographers seeking to gain credentials must have an administrator from no less than two NCHSAA member schools submit letters of recommendation on their behalf indicating the photographer and any additional staff employed by the company abide by NCHSAA and Local Rules and Regulations concerning media, consistently professionally conduct themselves and supply the school with the desired service. These letters must be submitted directly from the member school administrators to the NCHSAA’s Assistant Commissioner for Media Relations ( during the application process before outlet approval.


Single Event Credential Request Window & Deadlines 2022-2023

No late requests will be accepted, and all requests must be submitted through the appropriate online form. Please note that the NCHSAA does not provide credentials to scouting services.

Any person holding an NCHSAA Year-Long Credential does not need to complete the Single Event Credentials application to attend an NCHSAA Championship Event. Year-Long holders should send an email to James Alverson at least 48 hours before the contest with the number of year-long pass holders attending from their outlet. This notification will ensure you are provided with accommodation and any media materials (notes packet & any snacks/meals) that may be provided at the event.

The NCHSAA cannot guarantee accommodation to outlets not requesting space and materials in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Fall Events

Sport/Championship Date Credential Window
Volleyball CLOSED
Cross Country CLOSED
Men's Soccer


Cheerleading Invitational CLOSED
Football December 9 & 10, 2022 | Deadline: Wednesday, Dec. 7 @ 11:59 pm

Winter Events

Sport/Championship Date Credential Window
Swimming & Diving CLOSED
Indoor Track CLOSED
WRESTLING - Women's invitational (early rounds @ Rise - Fri. feb 4) CLOSED
Wrestling – DUAL TEAM STATE & Women's invitational finals (Gbo coliseum fieldhouse) CLOSED
Wrestling – Individual State (gbo coliseum) CLOSED
Basketball – REGIONAL championships CLOSED
Basketball – State championships CLOSED

Spring Events

Sport/Championship Date Credential Window
Track & Field CLOSED
Lacrosse CLOSED
Women's Soccer CLOSED
Baseball CLOSED
Softball CLOSED