The NCHSAA will continue credentialing established media outlets with year-long credentials. These credentials will allow access to all NCHSAA Championship Venues and press/media areas.

To apply for year-long credentials, there is a two-step process. As always, you can find this information at The first step is for the outlet to submit a “Media Outlet Form”. This form must be submitted by every outlet requesting year-long credentials for the 2020-2021 year. Once an outlet has been approved, they will be able to submit the “Individual Form” to apply for credentials for each member of their team. This form will include name, title and a photo to be used as identification. 

Submission of a form does not guarantee approval for credentials. Once approved, outlets will be sent a link to apply for credentials for all full-time and part-time staff in need of credentials to perform the duties of their jobs. For the purposes of freelance employees, they will be treated as part-time. Past approval for NCHSAA Credentials does not guarantee future approval for credentials. Abuse of credential privileges by individuals representing an outlet could result in revocation of credentials for the individual and/or the outlet as a whole.

Email confirmation with status will be sent once this application has been reviewed. Media outlet approval may take up to 2 weeks.

As a reminder, single-event credentials for neutral site championships will still be available. These requests can be filed in the week leading up to the specific championship, and must be submitted within the request window for each championship. No late requests can be accepted. The year-long credential holders do not need to request single event credentials.

Regular season credentialing and access will continue to be handled at the local/school level. Please note that scouts and “scouting services” will not be credentialed by the NCHSAA. Schools may choose to permit scouting services to enter during the regular season, but no official credentials will be issued for scouts or “scouting services” through the NCHSAA.

Once approval is granted, an outlet will be able to apply for individual credentials for each full-time, part-time and freelance employee that regularly contributes to the outlet’s high school coverage. Outlets should only request credentials for those that need them to perform the duties of their work. Any abuse of credential privileges could result in loss of the individual’s credential as well as that of any credentials held by other members of the outlet.

With the year-long credential, it would no longer be necessary to apply for credentials for each neutral site championship. To reserve a seat in the media area as well as any media materials, year-long pass holders would need to email two business days prior to the championship event to confirm their attendance.

It is our hope that this process will make things simpler for the outlets that cover our championships regularly as well as raises the level of professional decorum for all media covering NCHSAA events. Please review the NCHSAA Media Policy prior to covering any NCHSAA championship event.

Thank you for your assistance in working through this new process! If there are questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me with your inquiry.

James Alverson

Assistant Commissioner – Media Relations, Special Events & Publications


North Carolina High School Athletic Association


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