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NOTE:  Traditionally, the NCHSAA Hall of Fame Banquet has been held in April, inducting the Class of whichever the previous calendar year was at that time. For example, the Class of 2016 was inducted in a banquet held in April 2017. 

This was somewhat confusing, and in an effort to label the classes of the Hall of Fame the same way we would one of our Championships or a graduating class at a high school, we are conducting two banquets during the 2019 calendar year. We did not want to “skip a year” and miss an opportunity for recognizing another class of outstanding individuals. The NCHSAA Hall of Fame will return to holding one banquet per year for a single Hall of Fame class in 202

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving the colorful tradition of high school athletics in North Carolina. The Hall of Fame seeks to highlight the past in order to ensure a promising future for the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. The recognition of past personalities and their significant contributions to our statewide organization will serve to provide models for future generations to emulate.

Candidates are judged on their long-term contributions to high school interscholastic athletics governed in the State of North Carolina by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association or the parent organizations, which gave, rise to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.

NCHSAA Hall of Fame Inductees (Listed by Class Year)



Class of 2019

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