Financial Wellness with Wells Fargo

The Next Big Game in Life:  Financial Wellness.

So high school sports are preparing you for a future of success and health, but how is your financial future and wealth?  

The NCHSAA and our long-time partner, Wells Fargo, will be sharing financial tips each month to empower students and parents to take control of their personal finances.

Disclaimer: All financial information disseminated through this initiative is accessed from direct links back to the Wells Fargo banking site. The NCHSAA encourages individuals to make their own personal choices regarding their banking and financial aid needs. This information is meant to serve as a resource.

Monthly Advice 

  October – Finance Basics

  November – Student Banking

  December – Prepare for College

  • Get College ReadySM
    Valuable resource guide for high school students to aid the student in navigating junior year and beyond during the transition from high school to college.

  January – Planning for College

Check out these helpful tips aimed at guiding high school seniors through their last year in high school, including ideas related to the summer after graduation and figuring out college finances.

  February – Paying for College

Check out these resources intended to assist students as they plan for college including navigating the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), how to set up a 529 College Savings Plan, and suggested ways for which college can be paid.

March – Scholarship Search

Check out these valuable insights into scholarship aid for students and parents.

April – Earning Money

Looking for ways to earn money during high school and then college? Check out these suggested methods that can help you offset college expenses and achieve your financial goals. Start building your financial future today!

May – Savings

Improve your personal savings habits this month! Take the quiz, discover tips to save money, and understand its importance!

June – Spending

Learn valuable tips to track your expenses, avoid overspending, and make every penny count. Join us on a journey toward financial success and master the art of spending wisely!