Excessive Number of Basketball Games

4.1.6 Endowment Games: One endowment game may be played, which does not count against the regular-season game limitation. The host school must request and be granted prior permission by the NCHSAA to play the endowment game (the request form will be on the NCHSAA website). The opponent must be informed of the request to be classified as an endowment game.

Based on the posted MaxPreps schedules, which was downloaded on Monday, February 10, 2020, the following school teams are scheduled to play more than 23 games. 

To rectify this and be in compliance, schools should either:  

  • Enter an Endowment Game request form in Home Campus no later than the end of the regular season; and/or
  • Update/correct the team's MaxPreps schedule. (holiday tournaments count towards the 23-game season limit)

UPDATED: February 10, 2020

Formatted School Name Women
As of 2/4/2020
As of 2/4/2020
East Henderson (East Flat Rock, NC)   24
East Rowan (Salisbury, NC)   24
Gates County (Gatesville, NC) 24  
Hiwassee Dam (Murphy, NC) 24  
J.H. Rose (Greenville, NC) 24  
Mooresville (NC) 24 24
Pine Forest (Fayetteville, NC)   24
Sun Valley (Monroe, NC) 25 25