Broadcast Request Forms

Broadcast Post-Season Request Form 

VIDEO STREAMING & TELEVISION BROADCASTS: The media rights to all NCHSAA post-season events, including playoffs and State Championships, are held by the NCHSAA. Sinclair Broadcasting Group has purchased the exclusive rights to produce and distribute the Football and Basketball State Championships. They also have the right of first refusal on any playoff contest in those two sports for the duration of their contract with the NCHSAA.

The NCHSAA also has an agreement in place with the NFHS Network that cedes the remaining portion on NCHSAA post-season events media rights to the NFHS Network. Per our agreement with them, they would have the next choice of games during the football and basketball playoffs after Sinclair. They have first right of refusal on all other sports during the playoffs.

If both Sinclair and NFHS Network or any of their affiliated content producers, decline to produce an event, third-party groups can request to broadcast NCHSAA playoff contests through the online form found above.

Once that form is completed and the events clear the first refusal phase of the process, third-party broadcasts will be approved. There is a fee associated with broadcasting or streaming the video of any NCHSAA playoff contest. For football, that fee for live streaming internet video is $500 per game, per our contract with the NFHS Network. That fee applies to any video production not EXCLUSIVELY carried on the NFHS Network.

Other sports have lower fees, please contact the NCHSAA if you have questions about the cost for any one particular event or the NFHS Network. Schools or third-party content producers that produce games for distribution exclusively through the NFHS Network will have their fees waived by the NCHSAA.

RADIO OR AUDIO-ONLY BROADCASTS: The NCHSAA holds the media rights to all NCHSAA post-season events including playoffs and State Championships. Stations seeking to broadcast an audio-only or radio broadcast of any post-season contest should pay the appropriate fee to the host school prior to the start of the contest. In football and basketball, the radio rights fee is $100 per game. The fee for radio in all other sports is $50 per game.

Because the NCHSAA holds the rights to all post-season play, no station can be denied the opportunity to broadcast a playoff contest by any member school without approval of the Association.

DELAYED TELECAST/VIDEO: The minimum fees for the rights to air a delayed telecast or stream of NCHSAA Playoff games are as follows

$300 for a football telecast
$150 for a football telecast that is only available on cable (community access channel, etc.); OR video streaming. A broadcast that fits both descriptions should be charge the appropriate fee for each (i.e. $300).
$100 for other playoff sports for a telecast OR video stream. A broadcast that fits both descriptions should be charged the appropriate fee for each (i.e. $200).

Please note that the delayed telecast or stream may not begin any earlier than completion of the contest.

With written application to the Association, a non-commercial telecast may have the rights fees waived under certain circumstances. Please contact the NCHSAA with any questions.