Avoid Fake Live Streams for North Carolina High School Sports

CHAPEL HILL – The North Carolina High School Athletic Association wants to warn the public about a growing trend in internet scamming. Hundreds of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube events are being promoted, sometimes within prominent online groups, that appear to be real live streams but are phishing for your personal information and sometimes trying to install malware on your device.

They look similar to these images:

These posts appear as legitimately scheduled live streams associated with a high school or state association. However, when you click on the link, you are typically asked to enter personal information to gain access to the video. These are fake. Please don't enter any information.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, scams like this have been on the rise. At the start of the 2021-22 school year, hundreds of these events are circulated for the beginning of high school sports.

“Scammers know that people are looking for ways to follow their local high school team without being able to attend due to the pandemic,” said NCHSAA Assistant Commissioner for Media Relations James Alverson. “This is a quick and easy way for someone to take advantage of the high school sports fanbase and our member schools. We want to do everything we can to ensure that fans of our member schools do not fall prey to these scammers.”

The NFHS Network is the official video streaming platform of the NCHSAA. Many of its member schools utilize this platform for their broadcasting needs. However, during the regular season, many schools have decided to use other entities to stream live. Please check with your local high school athletic department for the correct location to watch your favorite team safely.

When on social media, the NCHSAA maintains a single official account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. The authorized version for each platform is @NCHSAA for Twitter and Instagram. On Facebook, you can find the Association at Some scammers use NCHSAA logos and other marks to try and deceive you, but there is only one official account for each platform controlled by the NCHSAA and no sport-specific accounts will be created or used to promote our events.