2021-2022 NCHSAA Sports Guidelines for Best Practices

Currently, there are no plans to create a detailed adjusted guidelines document, such as last year’s modified sports manual. 

To help schools plan sports and activities, the NCHSAA has offered a 2021-2022 NCHSAA Sports Guidelines for Best Practices.  (Click below to download a PDF copy of the guidelines)


  • NCHSAA policies are subject to change, in keeping with any Governor’s Executive Orders.
  • Member schools have autonomy for their respective home events during the regular season to enforce more restrictive policies/requirements.
  • Once the competition begins, competing schools are responsible for communicating with one another regarding any face-covering policies and/or spectator requirements well in advance of scheduled contests.
  • Exceptions for face coverings should be communicated between competing school athletic administrators prior to the contest.
  • When required, face coverings should be properly worn—properly worn means covering both the nose and mouth.
  • Contact and work with the Local Health Department with your COVID issues and concerns in the county.

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