Coaching Vacancies

NCHSAA Coaching Vacancy Service

As a member of the NCHSAA, each member school is offered the opportunity to post coaching/teaching vacancies through the NCHSAA Coaching Vacancy Service.

Use of this service by member schools is optional, and the only positions that will be listed are those that are authorized by a school administrator. The service is designed to serve as a clearinghouse of information for member schools as well as coaching candidates.  Contact Tra Waters at 919-240-7376 or

The website is updated once per week.  In an effort to keep the listings accurate, schools are asked to inform the NCHSAA when positions have been filled or teaching areas have changed. If the NCHSAA does not hear of the position being filled by the beginning of the approrpiate sports season, it will automatically be pulled down.

In some cases, coaching positions are listed with the teaching areas "to be determined". As the end of the school year approaches, most schools are able to determine what teaching areas will be available. The service does not list teaching positions that do not involve coaching.

Information on North Carolina teach certifications can be obtained by calling the State Department of Public Instruction in Raleigh at (919) 733-4125.

The NCHSAA is not involved in the screening, interviewing or hiring of coaches, but has established this optional service in an effort to help our member schools fill positions. It is up to each candidate to make contact with schools that have listed positions with the Coaching Vacancy Service.

The North Carolina Coaches Association (NCCA), located in Greensboro, is an organization made up of individual coaches memberships. The annual NCCA Clinic is held in July each year at the Greensboro Coliseum. During the clinic, the NCHSAA will have a booth located in the Exhibit Hall for the purpose of listing jobs and circulating resumes to schools and coaches. For more information on clinic dates, times, and NCCA memberships, call (336) 379-9095.

Coaching Vacancies

To list a coaching vacancy, download the form below and send by fax (919) 240-7398 or email