North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Wrestling Inclement Weather Policy &Amp; Weight Certification Information

WRESTLING COACHES: With the widespread weather event that most of the state has endured of the past 24-36 hours, I wanted to send a reminder on the NCHSAA & NFHS policies regarding the consecutive day growth allowance and weight certification on Saturday. As you should be aware, the NFHS allows for an extra pound when a team competes on consecutive days (up to 2lbs). This rule also applies when a team cannot practice or compete due to being out of school due to inclement weather. As long as one team involved in your event has missed the previous day (or 2 days) due to being out of school, every team at the event is entitled to an extra pound (or 2). I confirmed with the NWCA yesterday that the consecutive day allowance will not count against your wrestler on their weight loss plan as long as the consecutive day allowance button is selected on the weigh-in sheet for the event [NOT SELECTING THE CONSECUTIVE DAY ALLOWANCE ON THE WEIGH-IN SHEET WILL NOT DEDUCT THE ALLOWANCE FROM HIS/HER WEIGHT]. Secondly, please remember that the regular season ends at 11:59PM, Saturday, February 1st. All weight-loss plans will lock at this time. Please remember that even though a wrestler may have certified at a weight class earlier in the year, their weight loss plan must still be within the 2-lb allowance of the weight class in which they are certified on Saturday. If they weigh above that weight, they will not be eligible for their certified weight class for regionals. If a wrestler has not certified as of Saturday, they will be automatically certified at the weight class indicated on their weight-loss plan on Saturday. Lastly, all regional entries are due by 3:00PM on Monday, February 3rd. You must select the wrestlers that you want to compete at regionals by this time, or they will not be eligible to compete at regionals. The instructions on how to select them for post-season competition have been emailed to each of you and are posted on the NWCA website and the NCHSAA wrestling page.