Unbelievable Basketball Occurrence With North Forsyth

WINSTON-SALEM—This particular situation may not have an exact category in the North Carolina High School Athletic Association record book for men’s basketball, but it is still amazing.

Kedrick Flomo of North Forsyth scored his team’s first two points in a game at Asheboro recently, which is not unusual at all. The fact that he scored his team’s next 41 points—that’s right, he scored the first 43 points of the game for North Forsyth—well, that is remarkable.

Coach Sean Vestal told the NCHSAA, “I’ve never seen anything like this. Nobody else on our team could make a basket.” And it’s true.

Flomo wound up with 48 of his team’s 54 points in a 54-43 victory over Asheboro. The North Forsyth standout was 12 of 17 from the floor, while the rest of the Vikings were a collective 0 for 27.

Flomo was the only Viking to make a field goal and also hit 17 of 20 free throws. At one point, the North Forsyth star led Asheboro himself by a 43-37 count and did wind up outscoring the Blue Comets.

Vestal noted that his team usually scores well, averaging 75 points per game, but had played the night before in an up-and-down 90-82 victory over Western Guilford in which Flomo poured in 41 points. “It wasn’t that we weren’t trying for other guys to score,” said Vestal about the Asheboro game, “but we kind of had heavy legs from the game the night before and nobody could get the ball to go in. Looking back, it was almost comical, but Kedrick was amazing.”

Flomo, a 6-1 guard, has signed to continue his career at Appalachian State University. “He’s a wonderful kid, comes from a great family and is just a great leader. He is a joy to have on our team,” said the North Forsyth coach.

Flomo is already the school’s all-time leading scorer, breaking a 48-year-old record at a school that is in its 51st year of operation.

“That game was one of the most remarkable things I’ve been a part of as a coach,” said Vestal.