North Carolina High School Athletic Association

True Spirit Of Sport Alive


FAYETTEVILLE — The true spirit of sport is in fact alive and well.

Earl Vaughan of the Fayetteville Observer has reported that the Fayetteville Jack Britt High School volleyball team will do something special in the fight against breast cancer, as one of the members of their team has a mother who is in that battle.

With Heather Erickson’s mother fighting breast cancer, the Britt volleyball team will play Hope Mills South View on Thursday, September 30, in a volleyball match that is also designed to highlight the fight against breast cancer.

The Side-Out Foundation has a promotion known as Dig Pink, which uses volleyball to promote breast cancer awareness, and the game between Britt and South View will be a Dig Pink game.

The school has designed special Dig Pink t-shirts that will be on sale at both schools as well as at the match for five dollars. Britt’s players will wear the Dig Pink t-shirts during warm-ups for the match and the team will also wear pink socks.

Dig Pink is the name of the breast cancer awareness rally that takes place in gyms all over the country during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is October, but the Side-Out Foundation reports that matches at the high school and college levels all over the nation in various months are part of this movement.

The Side-Out Foundation (Side-Out) was established in 2004 to unite volleyball players and coaches and to have them work toward the common goal of furthering breast cancer awareness, education and patient services. The foundation is a support and advocacy organization dedicated to making a significant and identifiable difference in the lives of breast cancer patients and their families by supporting clinical trials, increasing compassionate support services and educating communities.

Britt students are also planning to promote the event by wearing pink to school on the day of the game.

The junior varsity match will start at 5 p.m. with the varsity match to follow.