North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Terry Sanford Holds Special Football Clinic

        FAYETTEVILLE— Terry Sanford High School recently offered a unique football clinic, according to a story in the Fayetteville Observer.

        Terry Sanford head football coach Bryan Till was the speaker at Terry Sanford’s first football clinic for women. The clinic attracted mostly parents of current or future Terry Sanford players who wanted to learn more about the game, but the organizers hope to expand it for those who follow any Cumberland County school and use it as a fund raiser for breast cancer research.

        Those in attendance got a tour of the Terry Sanford facilities, including weight room and locker room, and then heard discussion of many nuances in the game, from the numbering system for jerseys and how it relates to positions to different formations and even some discussion about nutrition.

        Till indicated he was pleased with the response to the clinic and hopes that it grows, but said he was especially pleased with the variety and number of questions that the attendees asked.

        Till was quoted in the story as saying ” ‘It (football) is a special game,’ he said. ‘That’s why I’ve devoted myself to teaching young men. Hopefully, this was something that will allow them to enjoy the game’.”

        Our thanks to the Fayetteville Observer for providing this information.