North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Seaforth’s Kyle Stinson Selected to National Student Advisory Council

Kyle Stinson, a Senior at Seaforth High School in Chatham County, NC, is not only a dedicated student but also an enthusiastic athlete with a fervor for education-based athletics and high school activities. At Seaforth, Kyle actively participates on the Tennis Team, showcasing his skills and commitment to sportsmanship.

In addition to his role on the Tennis Team, Kyle holds the unique position of being the spirited Seaforth Mascot, adding a touch of charisma to the school’s events and celebrations. Beyond the court and the mascot costume, Kyle’s passion for promoting a well-rounded high school experience extends to his involvement in various leadership roles.

Kyle proudly represents Region 5 on the NCHSAA Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC), contributing his insights and perspectives to the broader athletic community. Furthermore, he serves as a representative for Section 3 on the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) National Student Advisory Council (NSAC), where his dedication to shaping the future of high school sports is truly evident.

With a commitment to fostering a positive and enriching environment for his fellow students, Kyle Stinson exemplifies the qualities of a well-rounded student-athlete and a valuable asset to the Seaforth High School community.

During his first year on the NFHS NSAC Team, Kyle traveled to Indianapolis for national meetings and participated in the Annual NFHS Student Leadership Summit, which the NSAC team helped plan in 2024. The NSAC students have also had opportunities to connect with sectional states and learn from national leaders. Kyle states, “It’s an honor to serve in this capacity. The 16 of us who serve with the NFHS have become closer through sharing perspectives, ideas, and interests.” Kyle will continue to represent North Carolina and Section 3 next year.

Kyle currently represents NC Region 5 on the NCHSAA’s Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC).

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