North Carolina High School Athletic Association

Practice For Fall Sports Set To Begin


The first date official practices are allowed for North Carolina High School Athletic Association fall sports is Monday, August 2.

Fall sports include football, men’s and women’s cross country, volleyball, women’s golf, women’s tennis, and men’s soccer. Individual schools establish their own practice dates and schedules, but Monday is the first day they are allowed.

In football, the first six days of practice are required to be used for physical conditioning. During the first three days, headgear, shorts and football shoes constitute acceptable dress. On days four, five and six, shoulder pads may be added, but absolutely no body-to-body contact is permitted. Practice during the six day period shall be limited to two hours per day, excluding stretching time and water breaks. On day seven, full uniforms may be worn and body-to-body contact is allowed.

A football player must participate in at least nine separate days of team practice, of which three must be in full pads and with contact, before participating in a scrimmage.

The date of the first official contest in football is August 20 (19th for junior varsity), while it is August 16 in other sports.